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Ashes Tests in Australia or England/Wales

Do you prefer watching Ashes contents more when the venue is Australia or England?

  • English support prefers matches in Australia

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Hall of Fame Member
I like them both obviously, but I prefer watching the games in England for some reason. Could have something to do with the fact that I've never watched a remotely competitive home Ashes series, but I think it's also the late night time slot, the build up to the team going on the tour, the different conditions etc.


Norwood's on Fire
Yeah, all of those factors are what does it for me (@ pasag), although I can't afford to go to every day of a Test, any of the Tests are doable really given the size of the country.

There is something exciting about staying up in the night watching cricket, but you can't beat a good home series.


Hall of Fame Member
I think that the Boxing Day and NYD Tests are probably my two favourite of the year, Ashes or not, tbh. But I apart from those two, I can't normally watch the other Aussie winter Tests live, so I think on balance I prefer English Ashes.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Aye, but rain breaks were better in them days - they usually showed Massie's match or something like that (unlike TMS on Radio 3, which soon cut to classical music). Now we get a one-day game from last year, or even the previous Test. :dry:
Yeah. With replay games, you can basically work on a "the older the better". Except for the Bodyline series and the Botham's series, which are so famous it's impossible to not see them a million times.

Love it when they replay stuff from the 1990s, and when it's stuff from the '80s and '70s (1981 excepted), well, it's beyond a thrill. Obviously, the trouble now is that Sky's own footage only extends back to 1990, given they didn't exist before then - I presume the BBC could replay without copyright issues anything from 1936 to 1997. And C4 were even more limited - none of their stuff was of any real interest to me, because I remember it all with considerable clarity.

Even so, there's any number of away Tests from the 1990s that I've never seen much if anything from that Sky could show, presumably without difficulty, but virtually never do.