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Ashes HQ


Norwood's on Fire
Those of you who were around in 2009 may remember that we ran an Ashes blog...the eager-eyed amongst you may also have noticed that we have once again got this featured on the front page.

Your team this year consists of a mixture of some of your favourite CW staff members, and there will be guest appearances from a couple of our mod team.

There are a few posts in there already and we'll keep you updated here in the Ashes forum as the blog is updated. Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave a comment :)

Ashes Blog - Ashes HQ 2010-2011



Pleased this is continuing, however do not endorse any Pom writers. Same policy as last year iirc.


Norwood's on Fire
Well, life is no fun if we're all formal all the time :)

Hopefully as the series progresses you'll get a nice mixture of content, from more factual and objective pieces ranging to the one-eyed types. Myself and Burgey take care of one of those types...:ph34r: