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Ascending Test HS Draft


International Captain
  • In this draft every pick will need to have a greater Test highest score than your previous pick.
  • Will use a variable draft order format where the drafter with the lowest most recent HS picks next.
  • So that we don’t get into a situation where there are no eligible players, I will implement a maximum score that you can pick for each ‘round’, TBA once I know how many participants there are.
  • For something different, Bradman will be available, but only for your 11th pick.
  • Round 1 will be a free for all at a predefined time so that the R1 order does not bias the results.
  • Post in if interested.
  • 8hr time-outs


International Captain
I figured since the auction is running in a good rhythm without having to constantly check for your turn, there was room for another draft atm.
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International Captain
That is 13 14 in's, which is more than enough to start the countdown to R1. If anyone else wants to join, just post below.

Fuller Pilch
Line and Length
Patience and Accuracy+Gut
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International Captain
As mentioned in the rules, Round1 will be the free for all at a set time. The time used a couple of weeks worked well so according to the world clock that is (I'm trying to be inclusive, have i covered everyone?):
800 UK
1300 Pakistan
1330 India
1600 Perth
1830 Adelaide
1900 Sydney
2100 NZ

We will definitely not start today.
Does anyone have a preference as to whether we begin on Friday or Saturday?
It doesn't worry me either way.