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Archived [10/08/07] Battrick

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International Coach
The archived thread can be found here.


1. Anchormen (Robertinho)
2. Jaffna Jets (chaminda_00)
3. Victoria Panthers (mikeW)
4. Viveash (ash chaulk)
5. Magical Ponies (andyc)
6. Dalmeny Cricket Club (nooga99)
7. Kipper's XI (cameeel)
8. Asterix XI (Adamc)
9. AA for President! (marc71178)
10. GoT_SpIn? (GoT_SpIn)
11. Jamee 999ers (Jamee999)
12. Lancashire (superkingdave)
13. Boggles (PY)
14. Citizens Erased (Agent TBY)
15. bobisback (Bobisback)
16. VCC (Kweek)
17. Central Districts (dontcloseyoureyes)
18. Scaly Piscine CC (Scaly piscine)
19. Zebras (Jungle Jumbo)
20. Clapo's XI (Clapo)
21. Vindscreen Vipers (The Baconator)
22. Xen Cobras (Xuhaib)
23. College Dropouts (brenoevo)
24. Withington Wanderers (Mahindinho)
25. Western Vikings (Hoggy31)
26. Whenuapai CC (nibbs)
27. Drunk XI (33/3from3.3)
28. Pup (AussieDominance)
29. Dynamo Morpork (Samuel_Vimes)
30. Sad Decadent XI (cricketboy29)
31. Cymru Gurgitators (trev_vayro)
32. Wrights Warriors CC (Mister Wright)
33. Boulevard Bombers (Roseboy)
34. Tawonga Tigers (NZTailenders)
35. Brackenhurst (Nnanden)

That's a team listing lifted from the CW BT Cup #4, there's a few names that need adding but I'll do that as I'm told them.
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Hall of Fame Member
May as well open up the Second Innings (change the title ;)) with a friendly request. It will be full-strength minus Bardle.


International Coach
I did have 'innings declared' in the other thread title but changed it because I thought it was awful....yours is worse. :p

I'm going to have 1.75m in the bank by 10 days time plus a couple of guys to sell. How much would I need to save up to get a strong-strong allrounder or remarkable bowler? Don't mind profs but they have to be young to train.

Will strong-strong be enough though in the new climate of strong not being sustainable. :blink:

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
I'm playing my first XI against you on Sunday Tarick, seeing as I could win my OD league with almost any combination of my players. No where near as strong as your first XI of course, but I guess you want to put out a team of a similar standard.

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
Can anyone tell me how long these players will pop in primaries? I've been training them for a few weeks now:

10. Saurav **** - 18 yo, BT Rating=19,558
RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime
A steady player with proficient leadership skills and woeful experience.
Stamina: proficient Wicket Keeping: worthless
Batting: strong Concentration: proficient
Bowling: worthless Consistency: worthless
Fielding: feeble
2x batting, 1x fielding

7. Ashwatthama Singh - 18 yo, BT Rating=6,347
LH Batsman, LH Spin Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime
An attacking player with woeful leadership skills and abysmal experience.
Stamina: mediocre Wicket Keeping: worthless
Batting: abysmal Concentration: worthless
Bowling: respectable Consistency: mediocre
Fielding: worthless
1x bowling, 1x fitness

18. Walter Beckwith - 18 yo, BT Rating=4,239
RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime
A steady player with feeble leadership skills and abysmal experience.
Stamina: mediocre Wicket Keeping: worthless
Batting: worthless Concentration: worthless
Bowling: competent Consistency: mediocre
Fielding: worthless
1x bowling
For Memories

Adamc  1,182 
andyc  1,010 
Scaly piscine  936 
GoT_SpIn  747 
AussieDominance  554 
Robertinho  537 
PY  486 
ash chaulk  413 
superkingdave  408 
33/3from3.3  387 
Jamee999  315 
nibbs  309 
dontcloseyoureyes  305 
cricketboy29  291 
marc71178  235 
chaminda_00  232 
roseboy64  212 
mikeW  209 
Hoggy31  180 
brenoevo  164 
Kweek  144 
trevor_vayro  143 
cameeel  134 
nooga99  123 
Samuel_Vimes  118 
Tom Halsey  78 
Agent TBY  77 
alternative  67 
Cloete  59 
NZTailender  59 
Bobisback  52 
Jungle Jumbo  50 
Clapo  46 
The Baconator  46 
kears_falcon_9  41 
BlackCap_Fan  40 
Mahindinho  38 
Xuhaib  32 
rolande  30 
lord_of_darkness  25 
DJellett  13 
steds  12 
thewizard1o1  10 
FaaipDeOiad  7 
James  6 
Laurrz  6 
Barney Rubble  4 
bumpuss  4 
chris.hinton  4 
chooka_nick  4 
pasag  3 
Bocaj  3 
burkey_1988  3 
legspinner  3 
WindiesRulz  3 
King_Ponting  3 
Pratyush  2 
kuifje  2 
auscricket  2 
Blewy  2 
benchmark00  2 
Skooks  2 
Deja moo  2 
cringer  1 
gio  1 
Son Of Coco  1 
vic_orthdox  1 
Perm  1 
vijay_chandra  1 
Bilal91  1 
Slats4ever  1


Cricketer Of The Year
Uneven pitch...bat or bowl..hmmm

bowl i'd say, or bat, as it gets more uneven as you progress.


Cricketer Of The Year
Wasn't around for the Q+A, but here's the log. Nothing particularly interesting, except the prospect of a colts team to replace/complement the youth academy, sounds like something in the very distant future though.
* Now talking in #bt-events
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* ouch has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] Right
* mufan has joined #bt-events
[ouch] hi all
* Earl_CG sets mode: +m
* StrongArmSteady has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] cheers for pointing out the facts I hadn't switched moderating on Ouch :o)
* Earl_CG sets mode: +t
[Earl_CG] Right, welcome all for coming :o)
[BT-allanfc] Hello all
[Earl_CG] and in particular Allan of course
* AlexN has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] as usual we'll start with e-mails from the events
[Earl_CG] *events@ mailbox
[Earl_CG] and then move to the flor
[Earl_CG] as there aren't too many of us
[Earl_CG] all of you may PM your questions to me
[Earl_CG] we may change that if we get a late influx
[Earl_CG] *floor
[Earl_CG] just in case you haven't gathered already I'm a bit under the weather so excuse me if I'm even slower than usual ;o)
* Dr has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] hmmm... we bit embarrasing but the events@ mailbox has just disapeared on me
* Dr has quit IRC (Signed off)
* Maddix has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] so I'll have to go straight to the floor
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v foscotanner1
* Dr has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] Foscotanner is asking about the PFL situation
* Vape|away has joined #bt-events
* Vape|away is now known as Vaporizer
[BT-allanfc] Anything in particular?
[foscotanner1] aye. will we get back the pfl from the recent bug?
[Earl_CG] some are believing there is a bug following last Fridays game.  I know some of our own gamestaff
[Earl_CG] *games
[Earl_CG] believe there to be a problem
* mogilvie has joined #bt-events
* ouch has quit IRC (Signed off)
[BT-allanfc] There was obviously a few problems with the games from last Friday with players seeing drops that were equivilent to playing a 3 day game. 
* Dazz has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] and these will be rectefied in time for tomorrow?
[BT-allanfc] The problem with trying to resolve this issue is that it is nigh on impossible to find which teams were affected (why tomorrow?)
[Earl_CG] sorry, Friday
[Earl_CG] minds a little all over the place to say the least currently
* Sparklings has joined #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] I'll try and see whether there is any other way of determining which players were affected and see what I can do, but I'm afraid no promises
[BT-allanfc] More on the recent *issues*
[Earl_CG] If you want to ask your other three questions fosco
[BT-allanfc] I realise that there has been a fair few things gone wrong lately - this was an unfortunate error that crept in when recoding the match pages
[Earl_CG] after Allan has finished obviously :o)
* ChrisE has joined #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] We have found the errors that were causing this and are confident that the matches will run without incident this Friday and subsequently
[BT-allanfc] .
[BT-allanfc] Please ask the other questions
[Earl_CG] With recent bugs & allans departure to Aus - will he announce delay of FC games shortly?
* Rkz^Not_HerE has joined #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] Still not sure when FC will come in eventually - other than the big freeze, delaying the FC games with season was the most disappointing thing that I have had to do within BT
* cosimas has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] Has he developed 20/20 game format yet for close season?
[BT-allanfc] The most important thing that I need to concentrate on at this point is still the issue of site performance
[BT-allanfc] Things are proceeding fairly well with that, with the highest usage pages taking priority
* U20 has joined #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] Obviously, this has shown any errors up with the visable consequences. As we move into the lower usage pages, we should already have seen the performance improvement
[BT-allanfc] 20/20 will happen this close season, and we will be giving details about this at some point soon
* Dema has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] and lastly when will the NT Games start?
[BT-allanfc] Soon
[BT-allanfc] very soon...
* ouch has joined #bt-events
* U20 has quit IRC (Signed off)
[Earl_CG] Yeah.  A schedule has been agreed with the current managers after much deliberation and you can expect an announcement shortly
[Earl_CG] that's it from Fosco for now
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v foscotanner1
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v AlexN
[Earl_CG] Is there a posibilty of being able to search the transfer list by wage? This would be beneficial for finding those players near to popping, especially at the start of each season.
[BT-allanfc] nope - a bit of hard work never hurt anyone :)
[BT-allanfc] Although I do hope to add a search bt nationality soon
* U20 has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] thanks Alex
[Earl_CG] [Nightowl_aus] 1. What are the plans to implement a true testing environment?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v AlexN
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Nightowl_aus
* Earl_CG changes topic to 'To ask Allan a question please PM Earl_CG'
[BT-allanfc] We do have a testing environment that is used, but obviously, not all bugs can be found during testing. We are doing our best to eliminate as many as possible though before unleashing anything new on the masses
[BT-allanfc] And what the hell are you doing up at this time!!
[Nightowl_aus] My inference is there is a very small number of people in the current testing environment
[Nightowl_aus] I am always here, you should know that by now
[BT-allanfc] lol
[BT-allanfc] Yes - thats true. I can see this being a rather extensive discussion - prehaps we can do this privately later?
[Nightowl_aus] sure
[Earl_CG] [19:08] [Nightowl_aus] 2. How is the new focus group going or has it even been implemented yet?
[BT-allanfc] It hasnt been implemented yet. Hopefully soon though...
* whambo has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] yep.  we talked about it a bit more last week.  It's just spending the time finding people to provide the Points of View (i.e. looking at the game from a certain perspective) that we want
[Earl_CG] hopefully Uni will calm down a bit soon and I'll pick up the mantle on that a bit more
[Earl_CG] while Allans time has been taken up on the re-write
[Nightowl_aus] I can understand that but the longer it waits, the more it is needed
[Earl_CG] yep.  I hear you
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Nightowl_aus
[BT-allanfc] Yup
[Earl_CG] [Ratticus] 2. What format is likely for the 20/20? Knockout cup, round robin + finals, series, other?
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Ratticus
[BT-allanfc] See above - details will be available soon
[Ratticus] was mostly just wondering if you'd thought about it, so i guess you have by that response
[BT-allanfc] Yeah - just not quite ready yet to tell you about it I'm afraid
[Earl_CG] One on the behalf of another next:
[Ratticus] fair enough
[Earl_CG] [19:11] [Bocaj] Hi... on behalf of Eippie...
[Earl_CG] [19:11] [Bocaj] Is there a random factor in training?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Ratticus
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Bocaj
[BT-allanfc] no
[BT-allanfc] i dont think so anyway
[Earl_CG] There's a lot of code to remember :o)
* ouch has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Bocaj] cheers
[Earl_CG] does a players orders override his natural tendancies or modify them e.g. a destuctive player plus very defensive =  attcking or normal or defensive or very defensive
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Bocaj
[BT-allanfc] Not sure I want to tell you that... you should be able to work it out for yourself
[Earl_CG] What is the problem with not being able to see the scorecards for Sundays match and when will it be resolved?
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Dazz
[Earl_CG] Not sure I'm aware of this problem...
[BT-allanfc] Neither was I - can you give me a matchID
[Dazz] give me a sec
[Dazz]  #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] PM me - I'll look into it
[Dazz] 759689
[Earl_CG] [19:25] [Dazz] How long will it be before you are able to open the BT multiview again
[Dazz] thats 1 for my match,the commentary comes up but not the scorecard
* me has joined #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] not sure yet - I need to find some time to recode the page rather extensively
* Goatacre has joined #bt-events
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[Earl_CG] Question on behalf of Robertinho: Will Allan address the painfully annoying issue of rogue characters in surnames? Some offenders - Barratt m, Chambers., many others
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Dazz
* U20 has quit IRC (Signed off)
[BT-allanfc] yes at some point we will get round to this - slightly lower priority than other things at present though
[Earl_CG]  [mufan] When will the league tables be sorted out?
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v mufan
[Earl_CG] Allan and I thought this bug was sorted
[mufan] my mistake
[BT-allanfc] yup - thought it was fixed today
[mufan] just checked it now as you said that
* ouch has quit IRC (Signed off)
[Earl_CG]  [Goatacre] Hi - I'd like to ask the same question as last time - fluctuations in player form, are they going to happen anytime soon?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v mufan
* bobom has joined #bt-events
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Goatacre
[Goatacre] That was quick!
[BT-allanfc] yes players form fluctuations will be nice and will happen - I'm sure that there will be as many complaints as hurrahs though :)
[Goatacre] realism is always welcome =)
[Goatacre] any timescale?
[Earl_CG] we'll leave it too the masses :o)
[Goatacre] is it difficult to code?
* Guest77267 has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] Given your previous statements about batting averages, do you now think the changes have been made a bit to must to favor bowlers?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Goatacre
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Nightowl_aus
[BT-allanfc] no timescale, but I'm sure you will notice it when it happens
[Nightowl_aus] I can give a matchid as an example if you wish
[BT-allanfc] It may have gone a bit too far initially, but I think its settled down to a happy medium now.
[BT-allanfc] go on
[Nightowl_aus] 588370
[BT-allanfc] I'll take a look later - thanks
[Nightowl_aus] Last season Premier League and Cup winner bowled out for 33
* Guest77267 has left #bt-events
[Earl_CG] There have been varied reports from around BT that some bowlers "morph" to different styles of bowling - LM to LFM, for example. Are you prepared to comment on the factors that trigger a "style morph" in a bowler?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Nightowl_aus
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v bsuball41
* T-Rav has joined #bt-events
* Cocacola has joined #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] I have seen or heard the reports, but have looked at it, and just cant find anything that will cause this. I'll take another look, but it seems as if its some rogue thing that is proving tricky to track down
* T-Rav has quit IRC (Signed off)
[Earl_CG]  3. Your thoughts on batting collapses. Are they too prevelant in the game, or is it just that they seem that way from the amount reported in the forums?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v bsuball41
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Ratticus
[BT-allanfc] Like I said, I think that at the start of the season, the improvement in the bowlers game went too far, but seems to have settled down. I dont think we have too many collapses, but it will happen from time to time
[Earl_CG] related to that bug with the league tables. my pavilion still shows me as 5th in III.8, while i'm actually 4th on the table in the league tables page. (all be it by .08 nrr)
* T-Rav has joined #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] The position that is shown on your team page is calculated at the start of the week - due to the bug, it may well be wrong - next week it will sort itself again
[Ratticus] right, thanks for that
[Earl_CG]  When will Allan be leaving for Australia and what will come of BT when he leaves aswell as what is he looking to complete before he leaves?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Ratticus
[BT-allanfc] BT will be no more
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Dazz
[BT-allanfc] Nah - only joking
[Dazz] lol
[BT-allanfc] I'm off in just under 3 weeks, and will have a laptop with me, so as long as WiFi has made it as far as Australia, normal service should be maintained ie lots of bugs and me constantly tearing my hair out!
[Earl_CG] are new members being calculated on the cuurent worng league position?
[Dazz] lol,so were should look for you on tv then
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Dazz
[BT-allanfc] no - they are not
[BT-allanfc] I'll be everywhere :)
[Earl_CG] [19:49] [Cocacola] What is the situation with new members, are they going into any league available. Or should teams be bumped up that have been here for longer. I know of a case where a team went into a III league, and are currently getting slaughtered...
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Cocacola
[BT-allanfc] Teams are allocated into the lowest 2 divs, although we are now starting to only put them in the lowest Div due to this reason
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Cocacola
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v bobom
[Earl_CG] This may have been covered, but I arrived late: when FC games arrive, will pitches change in the course of three days or not. If FC matches have already been covered to death, don't worry.
[BT-allanfc] When FC games come in you will get a thorough description of all the new features next time rather than the rather hurried introduction that happened this season
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v bobom
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v foscotanner1
[Earl_CG] If FC games delayed next season can we replace the fc subsidy with a midweek cup based on regions ie north / south?
[BT-allanfc] Cant really say yet when FC games will come in, so cant really commit either way on this
[Earl_CG] Can we have a colts team for midweek to replace current youth system. so we have a squad of young players and you can watch their 20/20 games for fun and you can base your ITS allocation on their averages.
[BT-allanfc] I really like the idea of colts teams, and was something that I thought about when initially designing BT - maybe this is something that could come into the game in future
* DiYDunda has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] Does allan forsee any changes to training? or is he totally happy with these?
[BT-allanfc] Is this just the same question that I get everytime? If so, I'll give the same answer. I'm quite happy at present and dont foresee any changes
* doof92 has joined #bt-events
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v foscotanner1
[Earl_CG] Cocacola is back again on the introduction of new users
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Cocacola
[Earl_CG] Wouldn't this [changing to introduce users only in the lowest division] upset the balance in the ongoing season though?
[Cocacola] thanx
[BT-allanfc] I dont think so - if new users are getting mullered every week, then they wont stay, so going into a league where there are lots of other new users is much better for all
[Cocacola] Sorry, if this has been asked before btw. Just something that has always bugged me. 
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Cocacola
[Earl_CG] random variation: can we have that regional cup (or county based cup) for all teams knocked out before round 5 of the main cup?
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v cosimas
[cosimas] just to keep smaller teams interested
[BT-allanfc] maybe at some point in the future, but not imminently
[cosimas] including the team not allowed in the main cup
[Earl_CG]  Assuming FC will be introduced next season, will the leagues be redrawn or the same as currently?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v cosimas
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Nightowl_aus
* bobom has left #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] I expect that they will stay the same
[Nightowl_aus] thanks
[Earl_CG] Do you foresee any new features coming into Battrick in the immediate future? Anything in the later stages of development that you'd like to tell us about?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Nightowl_aus
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v bsuball41
[bsuball41] hi allan..first time listener, long-time caller
[bsuball41] Do you foresee any new features coming into Battrick in the immediate future? Anything in the later stages of development that you'd like to tell us about?
[BT-allanfc] There is a fair few things that are in the pipeline, but everything apart from the rewrite has currently been put on hold
[bsuball41] cool.
[Earl_CG]  [Ratticus] 4. With it still taking 5-6 weeks with a fielding net and 5 psychs to pop secondaries in a 29 yo, is it something that needs tweaking to make it more attractive to actually train the older players in secondaries?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v bsuball41
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Ratticus
[BT-allanfc] Not got any plans to change any of the training scheme at the mo - although may do in the future. rest assured you will all be given plenty of notice of this happen
[Earl_CG] Do you think you will review whether or not the perks of higher divisions should be increased? Many teams that I know of feel they would be better off high in a lower division than hovering around a playoff position in a higher division, economically speaking.
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Bocaj
[Ratticus] fair enough. might be able to leave my training regime in place then
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Ratticus
[BT-allanfc] All parts of the game are open for review - and this is one of them. If you look at the top clubs, they seem to do rather well economically
[Bocaj] more the ones in 5th or 6th
* valleyjack has joined #bt-events
[Earl_CG] [20:03] [Nightowl_aus] Have you considered restricting the use of GFI to say once per season?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Bocaj
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Nightowl_aus
* GM-Drew has joined #bt-events
* Earl_CG sets mode: +o GM-Drew
[BT-allanfc] I would reckon that the penalties of using it on the team FL should be enough to deter overusage
[Nightowl_aus] but they dont
[BT-allanfc] The problem is that I really dont know this! The last time I set a lineup was season 2! I'll take a look at it
[Nightowl_aus] if you are in an easy league, there is no penalty on GFIing to make it one round longer in the cup for example
[Earl_CG] [20:06] [Dazz] Have you experienced the problems before with the scorecards that i mentioned earlier?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Nightowl_aus
[BT-allanfc] ah - OK understand
* Earl_CG sets mode: +v Dazz
[Earl_CG]  Anymore questions from the floor?
[BT-allanfc] No - i think it is something to do with the new match page - as I said, I'll look into it and fix it for you
[Dazz] thanx
[Earl_CG] Bobom - 
[Earl_CG] Can you clarify the position re cheats. If people knew there was a definite policy - 1/2 or 3 strikes and you're out - then maybe people would be put off. Are you willing to name and shame?
* Earl_CG sets mode: -v Dazz
[Earl_CG] I've managed to get into the events@ mailbox but it's still only letting me see the first five e-mails
[BT-allanfc] There is a definitive policy that we have. If it is not clear in the rules, then we shall have to clarify it
[Earl_CG] so apologies if you did send one in
[Earl_CG] Naming and shaming isn't a policy we'd ever condone
[Earl_CG] Also being an intrepid Scot i would love to know if and when a Scottish
[Earl_CG] U19/NT and/or a Irish team may well appear on the scene?
[Earl_CG] this off Simon from events@
[BT-allanfc] I guess this is a question about other nations coming into Battrick - obviously I'd like Scotland to be in there, but at the mo, we'll stick with what we have
[Earl_CG] Jon - Is Fielding a factor for Wicket Keepers?
[BT-allanfc] yes
[Earl_CG] what would Allan think about abolishing the ratings given in the reporter's summary, since some people keep on using the ratings as proof that they "should" have won something just because they have higher ratings. I think the ratings bring more confusion than help.
[Earl_CG] that's from exad
* doonhamer has joined #bt-events
* Alta has joined #bt-events
[BT-allanfc] Personally, I dont like them either, but many people find them helpful, so until I can think of a good enough reason to get rid of them, they will stay
[Earl_CG] Sharer: I was wondering what font is used for the Battrick name and "Get ready to be hit for six" quote on the site.  I have tried to figure it out unsuccessfully.  I have several projects for my students at school to do and I wanted to use the font for some of them.
[BT-allanfc] lol - to be honest, I have no idea.
[Earl_CG] a couple of different people came up with the site design and layout
[Earl_CG] Is it an option to take the sledging board outside of the rest of the Battrick Website to improve the speed and stability of both? (A suggestion by Simesdavies in the Dev Ideasboard, that I thought was very sensible.)
[Earl_CG] that's from Schorpie
[BT-allanfc] It is an option, but it is something that we feel is a large part of the site, and something that we want to keep control over. It is one of the high usage areas, so something that we are looking at improving for overall site performance
[Earl_CG] the current league dates have the league OD match straight after the FC
[Earl_CG] match. It would seem more logical to have a days rest after the FC game. Are
[Earl_CG] there any plans to change the league dates?
[Earl_CG] That's from Muz
[BT-allanfc] You will be playing 5 days out of 7 so if you try and work it out, you will always have 2 games back to back
[Earl_CG] as is this:
[Earl_CG] With YPs at the moment,we seem to get a lot of guys with all worthless skills
[Earl_CG] when 0 ITS is spent. There doesn't seem to be very many with abysmal -] feeble
[Earl_CG] skills (unless 1-8 ITS is spent). Do you see this as a problem? Will there be
[Earl_CG] any changes to tweak this?
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[BT-allanfc] No plans at the moment to change it
[Earl_CG] I recently heard about invitational leagues. Would this be, after you are knocked out of the cup. Plus - is there any idea on how many people you could invite. Sorry if this has already been asked.
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[BT-allanfc] Yeah - this was one of the features that is in the pipeline. It will be played on cup day, so yes you will have to be out the cup. I would imagine that the max would be 4, but not entirely sure on that yet...
[Earl_CG] He also asks about the possibility of private transfers or swaps.
[Cocacola] Cool thanx.
[Cocacola] ^^ As long as they are monitored.
[BT-allanfc] no cant see this happening. The present system works well enough, and it would be a lot more work for the admin team
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[Cocacola] Ok thanx.
[Earl_CG] [cosimas] can you gain experience as a bowler without taking a wicket (e.g. a 10-5-15-0 analysis)?
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[BT-allanfc] yes
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[Earl_CG]  on fielding on wkers... is fielding as big a factor as it is for batsmen and bowlers?
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[Earl_CG]  final call for questions
[BT-allanfc] I'm sure that it is something that you can try and work out...
[Bocaj] haha feared you'd say that
[Earl_CG]  what do you think of the plan that non-england users cant sign up there when they chose a country?
[BT-allanfc] What plan is that? No plan at all. As if I was to implement that, I'd have to stop playing
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[Earl_CG] Can I quickly ask, are there any rules regarding using the Battrick layout for offsites? i.e. you're not allowed to do it?
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[BT-allanfc] There are copyright laws out there - I suggest you familiarise yourself with them :)
[doof92] OK :)
[Earl_CG] who keeps coming up with all those random alcohol jokes for the news page??lol
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[Earl_CG] I was one of them
[Earl_CG] Smiley as well
[Earl_CG] That's Neil
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[BT-allanfc] The admin team - we try and keep you informed as to whats going on, if we can make it more entertaining then we'll try to
[Earl_CG]  No more questions folks
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[Earl_CG] [20:26] [LAC] right now players age with every passing season, can that be converted to weeks? some specified weeks
[Earl_CG] [20:26] [LAC] if u promate an academy player now he gets an year older as soon the season ends and the new season starts
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[BT-allanfc] not really - makes life a lot more tricky for me. Maybe at some point I may do it, but not imminently
[LAC] ok thanks
[LAC] thanks for this gr8 game
[Earl_CG] how much of an input does a captain have on the team?
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[BT-allanfc] no probs - thanks for playing :)
[BT-allanfc] A small effect - you will see it become more in the FC games.
[Earl_CG] Do you honestly feel its possible to work out the influence of all these things given how big a random factor there seems to be and the lack of detail and lack of relation to anything useful that the reporters summary gives?
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[BT-allanfc] no - but if you knew everything that happened, then where would the fun be
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[BT-allanfc] If you had the source code, and all the info, it would no longer be a game but an excercise in logic
[Earl_CG] is there a case for allowing managers to see a youth pull before investing ITS?
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[BT-allanfc] nope - thats not really the point of the current system
[Earl_CG] What's your favourite type of cheese.
[cosimas] otherwise it penalises the small clubs
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[BT-allanfc] I love a bit of Smoked Applewood, Brie I'm pretty partial to, and I wouldnt say no to a nice bit of Camenbert
[Earl_CG] That'll all folks.  Sorry for not doing more e-mail questions but had to work around our webmail a bit
[Earl_CG] If I come across anything startling will do a Q&A Extra
[Cocacola] Byeeeeeeeeeee
[Earl_CG] otherwise I'll save anything not asked for next time
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[Earl_CG] last word to Allan:
[BT-allanfc] Thanks for the continuing support, especially with all the recent problems. Bear with us, and things will approve. We are working as hard as we can to make Battrick the #1 cricket game out there, and we can only do it with your support. Thanks again, and see you next time
[Earl_CG] Thanks all for coming, apologies it's not been as smoth as usual and good night - Log will be up asap :o)


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[Earl_CG said:
Question on behalf of Robertinho: Will Allan address the painfully annoying issue of rogue characters in surnames? Some offenders - Barratt m, Chambers., many others
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[BT-allanfc] yes at some point we will get round to this - slightly lower priority than other things at present though
Thank you linesman, thank you ball boy :cool:


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FFS, how much of a tool is Nightowl in that Q&A? Just ask your question and leave, son.

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dontcloseyoureyes said:
No problem with collapses? The guy's nuts.
Exactly, looks like I'll just have to keep bringing it up in sledging and his stupid comparisons to England in the 90s (who were an exception anyway).

He says there aren't too many collapses when there is one big collapse on average every game.
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