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Another scoundrel allowed relief in the sub continent


International Captain
Warne and Waugh were given between $2000 and $15000 by a bookie in a casino in SL

They were fined those amounts and the whole thing covered up

Did they get off lightly? Yes

Were they incredibly stupid? Yes

Malik offered Waugh, Warne and May 135,000 POUNDS STERLING EACH BY MALIK during a test to underperform in the same year.

Is 135,000 POUNDS STERLING supposed to buy something more than weather? :wacko: and that's one of the many reasons why Malik was banned for life

Waugh and Warne showed weakness and that is probably why they were approached in Pakistan

Malik is a crim
I know a guy who got 5 years just for hanging out with these dudes.


International Regular
i just realised...

i'd back lahore badshahs to actually beat the current pakistani 'official' team in a test match.


Hall of Fame Member
Best batsman against Warne I feel.
Oh as a batsman he was absolutely out of the top drawer. Unglamourous and without the super-star status of people like Miandad and Inzy, Malik was an invaluable player.


International Coach
i'd back lahore badshahs to actually beat the current pakistani 'official' team in a test match.

A middle order of retired Inzi, Shahid Yousuf, Tahir Mughal> Yousuf, Younis and Misbah and not to forget Sami, Azhar, Rana>Shoaib,Gul,Tanvir.