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Andrew Symonds retires from all cricket


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now that Symonds has retired from cricket everything is set for him to play in next year's bigbash


I think his cricket is best viewed as a brief interlude distracting him from his real calling as a pisshead. Wish him all the best now he's made the leap to concentrate on it. :ph34r:

TBF he proved me (and several others) wrong with his test batting. Didn't think he was a test batsman's arsehole, myself, but was briefly very decent.


U19 Captain
Andrews Symonds

1) Quality one day player

2) Bits and pieces test player

3) Complete tosser

Pleased to see the back of him. It all went down hill when he was playing as an englishman for Gloucestershire and turned down the chance to play for England.


International Regular
Thought for a moment that Andre Symonds was a real journeyman-type cricket player calling it quits after an uneventful career and this was a troll thread.

Still might be. Didn't realise Symmo was still into the whole playing-cricket-when-I-could-be-fishing bizness

Crazy Sam

International 12th Man
My favourite player and one of the best fielders I've ever seen. He was equally adept in the outfield and infield and routinely pulled off amazing runouts particularly in limited overs. When you look at some of the disgusting fielding by some of the Aussies in recent times - and especially the fielding standard in domestic cricket including the BBL - I think it is an area we are going to sorely miss players like Symonds, Ponting, Hussey in the next couple of years.

He also finished his Test and ODI careers with an average of around 40 (just over in tests, just under in ODIs) which is pretty remarkable considering his first four years of ODI's were pretty lean until the 2003 world cup. His batting record between 2003 and 2007 is actually quite outstanding for such an aggressive player. I'm not sure why but his record in home ODI's was always very poor compared to overseas, and it was a source of frustration that he would always fail at the Gabba so I rarely got to see him make big scores for Australia in person. He averaged 50 away in ODIs yet only 30 at home!

Apart from his batting I always enjoyed the way he could transition between bowling medium pace and 'spin'.
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Certainly he was one of the most valuable ODI players ever. He gave you so many options with the ball, saved tons of runs in the field and averaged almost 40 at a strike rate of 92! Not only that but his big innings' all came in the most important matches. He easily makes the Aus All time XI for ODIs and would be extremely close to the world ATXI as well.