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Andrew Symonds dies in car accident

tony p

U19 Captain
RIP, not my favourite but just so sad. :shocking:

When players younger than you die, you start feeling very old.

The Fox Sports Cricket Comm box is going to need a massive overhaul now after a shocking last couple of months.
Hopefull Isa is fine, as she always worked well with Andrew as well as Warnie.


Damn, this is grim. Big hugs to his family. 46 is no age. Great odi player, a lot of fun. Better test cricketer than many predicted too. I hope the fishing is good up in the sky.


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That's tragic :(

Probably one of the most athletetic players to have ever played the game and one of the best handful of fielders I've seen. RIP


International Vice-Captain
That's so tragic... another irreplaceable character and player from the 90s/00s taken away too soon. Shocking news :(

There are a lot of fresh memories but the hundred vs Pakistan with the backs to the wall in the world cup 03 sticks out. Unbelievable inning that one