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Andrew Symonds dies in car accident


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Ah no. What a tragedy. Gone far too soon. One of the great entertainers. RIP


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No freaking way!
No no no. I can’t handle this.
another one of my childhood hero passes.

2003 CWC century was special


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Jesus christ.

Symonds was one of my favourites growing up. The energy, the hitting, the shoulder charge. Only 46 too.

RIP :(


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What the **** is wrong with this year.

The shoulder charge, calling Mahela a bastard, the Hoggpile incident (now Howie is the only one left from it).

No more maths on the BBL coverage :(

Son Of Coco

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****ing hell. The first time I remember seeing him was when he was about 12 playing hockey on the field next to us. He was really good at that too. Loved watching him play cricket. Very sad for his young family.