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Amol Muzumdar vs Jamie Siddons


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Bit of a nonsense thread here. Was wondering how people see these two stacking up against one another considering they were arguably the best two batsmen of their generation to never play in a Test match for their respective country.


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Out of the 90s shield legends who never got a single test, how would we rank Siddons, Di Venuto, Cox and Hills

I feel everyone else of that calibre of above got at least one test. Maybe Jimmy Maher in that class too? But FC average of only 38 so not sure


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Was Dene Hills actually any good? Jimmy Maher was a great one-day player but surely never really considered for Tests


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3 shield double tons from late '95 to early '98

Seemed he had a solid peak but weak beginning to his career hence a lowish average


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Both of them were really unlucky. While Dravid, Sachin and Laxman were immovable, Muzumdar should have got at least one chance ahead of Ganguly.


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Worth keeping in mind that Ganguly had an average around 50 till 2000, only bettered by 3-4 batsmen in the world.

He became captain shortly after.

The window later on post-2005 for him to get replaced was very brief and we had a bunch of younger talent knocking at the door at the time.

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I'm no expert on Indian domestic cricket so I'm no doubt talking out of my ass, but why is Muzumdar consistently rated as the best Indian batsman not to get a trial in the Test side when there were many other Indian first class players of his generation with better records who also didn't get a run? I'm thinking of the likes of Sugwekar, Bhave, Karim, Kale, Sriram etc...
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