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All time ODI XI


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I would consider picking Gilchrist over Dhoni, but team balance doesn't suit it because Sachin is a lock to open, and Watson is too valuable to leave out. Therefore a keeper that bats in the middle-order fits better than one that opens.

Could potentially bat Watson down the order and have Gilchrist open but Watson did his best work at the top of the order and I have too many Aussies already

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Truth hurth ain't it. Bevan was just a poor man's Dhoni

Hogg was just a great player, for a relatively short period of time. As good an ODI bowler as Warne, gun fielder and much better bat
Yes he was but why not Gilchrist?

No they're not
They absolutely are.

Watson was a minnow basher. Apart from the QF knock against Pak where he ****ted his pants against Wahab and was saved by the predictiably horrible pakistani fielding, i can't remember his any other good knock against a top nation.

Dhoni was good till 2011 not ATG worthy but still pretty good but after 11, we lost way more matches because of him than we won.


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Dhoni was genuinely bad for the latter part of his career but if I'm picking him in an ATG team it's going to be him at his peak not Dhoni circa-2015

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The normal awards that everyone else has


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Flintoff adds more as an overall package for me

Wasim wouldn't fit into my team. We don't allow ball tampering and won't always be Pakistan home umpires. Also we have good slip fielders so he wouldn't know what to do.
Lol Wasim actually did worse at home in ODIs.

Oh God this thinking runs deep.


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At his peak Yuvraj was a better finisher than Dhoni

Viv or Kohli or even Akram could also caption

Rohit Lol
We are picking overall and Dhoni is simply better than Yuvi at finishing on a career level. Dhoni was the best LO captain ever, won three world titles without the bowling attacks the others had.

Rohit is lol but you have Watson, a minnow basher? All the second opener options are flawed but Rohit simply has the best career numbers.