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All time England Draft


Hall of Fame Member
You had a double pick jmay. Now you've timed out :S

I take no responsibility for people not being able to scroll up 20 posts to figure this out. If people actually expect updates every 5 posts then y'all crazy


Hall of Fame Member
Zin... you're now 1 hour from timing out yourself.

Zin > KK > PEWS > morgie > Howe Zat

jmay to pick anytime!


Hall of Fame Member
91jmay: Sydney Barnes, Kevin Pietersen, Jimmy Anderson, Alec Stewart, Johnny Wardle, Marcus Trescothick, CB Fry, Billy Barnes
OverratedSanity: Fred Trueman, Dennis Compton, Frank Woolley, David Gower, Arthur Shrewsbury, Gubby Allen, JJ Ferris, Cyril Washbrook
jimmy101: Jack Hobbs, Hedley Verity, KS Ranji, Tom Graveny, Frank Foster, Bill edrich, Jonathan Trott, Bill Lockwood, Bobby Peel
mr_mister: Len Hutton, Geoff Boycott, Tony Greig, Andrew Flintoff, Patsy Hendren, Angus Fraser, Tich Freeman, Robin Smith, Dean Headley
PrinceEWS: Wally Hammond, WG Grace, Bob Willis, Colin Cowdrey, Johnny Briggs,
KingKallis: Ian Botham, Alec Bedser, Ted Dexter, John Edrich, Maurice Leyland, Bill Voce, Archie Mclaren, Colin Blythe, George Hirst
morgieb: Alan Knott, Frank Tyson, Peter May, Tom Richardson, Eddie Paynter, Douglas Jardine, Peter Richardson, Ken Higgs, Tom Hayward
Battlers: Wilfred Rhodes, Alistair Cook, Maurice Tate, George Ulyett, Phil Mead, KS Duleepsinhji, Mike Hendrick, John Lever, Johnny Bairstow
ZinZan: Ken Barrington, Brian Statham, Tony Lock, Dennis Amiss, Ian Bell, Trevor Bailey, Andy Caddick, Chris Woakes, Andy Caddick, Chris Broad
AldoRaine: Harold Larwood, George Lohmann, Graham Gooch, Godfrey Evans, Graeme Swann, Andrew Strauss, Nasser Hussain, Allan Lamb, Peter Parfitt
pothas: Herbert Sutcliffe, Derek Underwood, John Snow, Stuart Broad, Graham Thorpe, Matt Prior, Michael Vaughan, Matthew Hoggard, Joe Hardstaff
Howe_Zat: Joe Root, Jim Laker, Les Ames, Stanley Jackson, Darren Gough, Bill Bowes, Mike Atherton, Paul Collingwood, Andrew Stoddart


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Derek Randall

1. Chris Broad
2. Dennis Amiss
3. Ian Bell
4. Ken Barrington
5. Derek Randall
6. Trevor Bailey
8. Chris Woakes
9. Tony Lock
10. Andy Caddick
11. Brian Statham


International Coach
Jack Russell to keep wickets

CricZo XI

1. John Edrich /
2. Archie MacLaren /
3. Ted Dexter /
4. Maurice Leyland /
6. Ian Botham o /
7. Jack Russell + /
8. George Hirst o /
9. Alec Bedser o
10. Colin Blythe o
11. Bill Voce o


International Coach
1. Alec Stewart
2. Marcus Trescothick
3. Johnny Tyldesley
4. Kevin Pietersen
5. C.B Fry
6. Basil D'Oliveira
7. Billy Barnes
8. Johnny Wardle
9. James Anderson
10. Sydney Barnes


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Pews and morgieb have timed out. Howe_zat is up.

Think we can safely skip pews now. He's not picked for 5 straight rounds.


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1. Peter Richardson
2. Tom Hayward
3. Eddie Paynter
4. Peter May
5. Douglas Jardine
7. Alan Knott
8. Walter Robins
9. Frank Tyson
10. Tom Richardson
11. Ken Higgs


Hall of Fame Member
Len Hutton
Geoff Boycott
Robin Smith
CAG Russell
Patsy Hendren
Tony Grieg
Andrew Flintoff
Dean Headley
Tich Freeman
Angus Fraser
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