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Akhtar to make comeback


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Interesting - perhaps an English summer will provide a last hurrah for the Rawalpindi Express?


State Regular
Who wants to bet?

I bet he wouldn't last Asia cup till the end.. let alone England tour..

for me Pakistan lost shoaib akhter right after world cup 99.. he hasn't been the same ever since..


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If he wasn't such a tool, he could have been playing all along.

Can bowl though.


Virat Kohli (c)
Nah for me, him being a tool adds to it all.

Outshines even Afridi for just ridiculous stories year after year.

He's like The Terminator... can't be killed. Always returns despite bans, soft tissue injuries, lockeroom fights and STDs :ph34r:


Haha what a legend. Hope he makes it tbh. Despite the fact that he is clearly a bit of a deranged idiot and has what I would various catastrophic personality defects I have always liked him. Would certainly be interesting if he made a comeback, for better or worse.


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What a story. Against all odds he beat a debilitating case of genital warts to make it back to the top flight.

They'll make a movie about this one day.


State Captain
He will always be a ledgend in fast bowling, tbh, and the fact that he needs to stay in the spotlight( I have been counting how many time he has been randomly mention in the past so many months) just makes it feel like he needed it, PCB were against him , bans and fines, and accusations, and more bans and accusations, so it felt like they just gave in and let him be in the team, and if he proves him form I wonder how the PCB will resond, I mean even if he says he can go 'til 45, I wonder how much further his body can really take him...


International Vice-Captain
Akhtar clearly done....even though he took the 3 wickets, he is having a hard time walking back to his run up....i don't know but it does feel like a youngster is losing out here....