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Afzaal Leaves Trent Bridge


International 12th Man

Also (to save me creating lots of new topics!)

Rhodes Awarded New Contract:


Ali Aims To Prove Point


Powell Quits Bears Captaincy


Stewart Backs Change



I am a bit surprised about Stewart's comments. But if they want to reduce the number of matches, I really think playing opponents once per season instead of twice is the way to go. Reducing the number of counties can't work.

As for Kabir Ali, can he really add anything to his game? Unless he becomes Pollock-like in terms of accuracy and consistency, he won't threaten too many world class batsmen.

And Steve Rhodes, well I think he should have played more international cricket. Was unlucky but got overtaken by Stewart and Russell.


International Captain
Bazza said:
Anyone know who's after him? - Seems a bit strange that nobody has far as I know has made an intrest in him, yet he walks out on his current club.

His going to look a tad silly if nobody wants him!


Ok doesn't see so strange now - Newell said: "Both Usman and David are being allowed to talk to other counties and if another Club offers them a contract then we will release them from the remaining year of their agreements with Nottinghamshire.
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International 12th Man
Yeah that's right, also Afzaal is supposed to be in talks with several counties already. I see no reason why nobody would want him - if he gest his form back he is a very decent player.

Maybe Leics need a replacement for Trevor Ward? And Somerset must be pretty desperate...