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Advice Needed, where to begin knowing about cricket again


State Captain
I was willing to write it, but as it was interesting to everyone in the beginning, but later the repititon in my poems made them boring for most of the users. I fear if they will dislike them again.
It's time for an honest opinion Dawood.

In the beginning nobody in CW found your poems interesting, rather they were making fun of you, a classic case of online ragging. Later they were not bored of your poems, instead they ran out of options to derive entertainment from you and found your poems annoying.

I neither hate nor like your poems Dawood, but it's my advice that you share such things with people who genuinely love you in the real world and not internet strangers. And since you live in Pakistan, I'm pretty sure you have a strong social support in families and friends, share it with them.


Hall of Fame Member
Speak for yourself, I think Dawood's poems were quite good and the effort he put into them was impressive and definitely worth it


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Kirkut, I appreciate that you're trying to give some guidance to Dawood here, and that your sentiment is well natured. Nevertheless, you shouldn't purport to speak for CW and its members.

That's my job.