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A 24-hr BCCI cricket channel


Cricketer Of The Year
A 24-hr BCCI cricket channel
A Correspondent in Mumbai | April 13, 2005 18:04 IST

Will the Board of Control for Cricket in India launch a 24-hour pay channel exclusively for cricket?

Yes, if it decides to act on a study that recommends such a move. This study was presented to the BCCI on Tuesday.

I S Bindra, president of Punjab Cricket Association, and Lalit Modi, president of Rajasthan Cricket Association, released a feasibility study on a BCCI cricket channel on Wednesday, saying that an exclusive cricket channel has the potential to ring in revenues of over Rs 16,000 crore (Rs 160 billion) in five years for the BCCI.

This, they said, is 12 times more than what BCCI could hope to earn in the same period. The study said that the exclusive broadcast rights will be shared with Doordarshan.

According to the study, the channel could air at least 29 international test matches, 43 one-day internationals, over 118 days of domestic cricket, and at least 56 district level round robin league matches.

This not only translates into higher revenues, but also more training schools, more cricket grounds and better infrastructure in India.

The report went on to give a detailed overview of the channel's role in promoting cricket, including benefits to various state cricket associations.

Bindra and Modi are of the view that such a move will create a valuable brand that can be leveraged for multiple streams of business and revenues beyond mere trading of broadcast rights.

BCCI's increased revenues will also benefit existing and new cricketers, as their share of revenues will also see a parallel twelve fold increase.

The revenues thus garnered can be used to fund and sustain infrastructure and capacity building across India right up to the grassroot levels.

Modi said in a media statement: "As an exhaustive study of how BCCI stands to gain from the launch of a TV channel, this report presents the proposed channel as the tool the BCCI can wield to generate huge revenues to create the much needed infrastructure in a self- sustainable manner."

"We hope the BCCI will review this with the same passion that all Indians have for cricket, and therefore take the best step forward that, in the long run, will better the game of this country," said Bindra.

Highlights of the report
  • 24-hr exclusive cricket pay channel
  • Global channel which feeds from Europe, America and the Middle East, etc.
  • Exclusive broadcast rights shared with Doordarshan.
  • Overseas broadcast rights to be procured for archival TV footage.
  • Promotion of district cricket league.
  • Outlines revenue model.
  • Outlines working structure.
  • Concrete road map for betterment of Indian cricket.
That's a start. Hopefully they can do a better job than D(p)oordarshan, or at least help them.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Good idea IMHO.

Erradicates the circus going on at the moment with the legal proceedings.


State 12th Man
sounds like a fair treetfor cricket fans in india hopefully other countries will follow


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
I think a global cricket channel should be launched - it can become a global brand around the world.


International Debutant
Hmm...Not sure if it's such a great idea. Without any competition, I'm pretty sure they'll do as bad a job or even worse than Doordarshan.


Cricketer Of The Year
shankar said:
Hmm...Not sure if it's such a great idea. Without any competition, I'm pretty sure they'll do as bad a job or even worse than Doordarshan.
Doordarshan was not only bankrupt, but also very indifferent- evidence of how useless a certain new ministry is. At least the people who may be in charge are not Bindra nad Modi are rich and serious about promoting the game.


Hall of Fame Member
i want a a station like that out here, that wont happen though, too much competition and not enough people :(


Cricketer Of The Year
The BCCI are the richest cricket board in the world, so they can pay to telecast the domestic and international matches within India and arrange for preparation of pictures. They can do a lot better tha TransWorld and can show those matches on the forthcoming Zee Sports channel, who are better than Doordarshan in terms of picture quality. They can even follow the SKY Sports/FOXTEL/Channel 9 model.


School Boy/Girl Captain
it's a good idea, yes, but this is the BCCI u're talking abt. last year, they said they'd launch an official website and that didnt happen.

biased indian

International Coach
Yesterday ther was an article in the paper asking for what should they Name the channel if and when they have one, any suggestions from CW.net??? :)

V Reddy

International Debutant
I am not how it would work as so many people seem to be saying. From what i read, they are going to share feed with DD in India and also keep it a paychannel at Rs 50 ( double that off ESPN or Star) . I don't think they will compete for rights in other countries if what i read is correct. Then there will only be 40 days of Cricket in India per year at best. To be honest , i don't think i will be paying Rs 50 per month when i can get the same cricket on DD and i think quite a few people would be agreeing with me too. That leaves only rights to foreign countries on cricket played in India. This action only happens couple of months in a year. What are they going to do after that? Just show repeats day and night and some Ranji Cricket ? I don't think many would be paying to watch that. As for advertisers , i think they would like to advertise on DD which has far greater reach than BCCI channel can ever dream to have especially if they keep it as a Rs 50 pay channel. Would be eagerly waiting to see how the things pan out.