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6 Nations Prediction/Tipping


Eyes not spreadsheets
Italy beat Ireland by 7
Wales gubbed England by 27
France beat Scotland by 7


marc71178	29
fredfertang	23
BoyBrumby	17
Quaggas		13
Marcuss		11
Overall a comfortable win for BB - I avoided the wooden spoon purely by randomly guessing each week rather than missing some.

BoyBrumby	113
Quaggas		 91
Marcuss		 84
fredfertang	 76
marc71178	 75
Somerset	 54
Howe_zat	 24


Eyes not spreadsheets
We're back for another year.

Sat Feb 1	14.30	Wales v Italy
Sat Feb 1	17.00	France v England
Sun Feb 2	15.00	Ireland v Scotland


Eyes not spreadsheets
In case anyone else is interested, I'll enter my predictions:

Wales by 25
France by 10
Ireland by 15


Eyes not spreadsheets
Wales beat Italy by 8
France beat England by 2
Ireland beat Scotland by 22

dermo		25
Marcuss		25
Samuel_Vimes	24
marc71178	20
BoyBrumby	18
fredfertang	16
Quaggas		13
Round 2:

Sat Feb 8	14.30	Ireland v Wales
Sat Feb 8	17.00	Scotland v England
Sun Feb 9	15.00	France v Italy