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5th Test at Hobart - 14-19 Jan 2022


Whatever it takes!!!
just ****, beta bowling. Never even tried to get Nathan Lyon out properly. Just jumped straight to lEtS bOwL sHoRt gEt hIm cAuGhT iN dEeP.
That strategy did not even work against absolute rabbits like Natarajan. :laugh: Its fine to bowl a bouncer an over to have them on the backfoot but nick them off, FFS.


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Fun cameo.

You'd think 300 would be plenty on this wicket but the ball hasn't done a hell lot so who knows.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yes. Bowling outside off-stump deliberately (McGrath delivery) in hope Batter nicks one.

Only alpha tactic is bowling swinging yorkers.
yeah swinging yorkers is pretty alpha

bowling short can be alpha too if you're beating batsmen for pace and getting catches spooned up anywhere from short leg to gully (eg. Mitch Johnson), but not if the best you're gonna get is catches in the deep (eg. Wagner)


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Zak Crawley gets a tick from Warne for hitting a single half century and Wood gets one for bowling dross and unthreatening spells.


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Why the **** did we play Starc again? He's gonna have the knives out hard from here the way he's going.