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5th Test at Hobart - 14-19 Jan 2022


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I can't believe we've had less than 60 overs. I also don't care, given we'll likely get a completed test. But this could get Root in trouble.


Global Moderator
He got that bouncer right at least, over off stump. Best test knock a green has played imo. Had good tempo to his innings
yeah, and had options for getting off strike too. just looked serene, he'll feel he's left a lot of runs out on the pitch there

ashley bach

State 12th Man
why is woakes persisted with? whats with the eng ** selection.
you can only blame the selectors so much.
whatever they came up with England were toast before a ball was bowled in the series.
not saying I told you so, but all expert cricket analysts predicted this turmoil.


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Two times Wood has tried the bouncer thing, angled the ball to the off-side, been smashed through point and then, i guess, realised he should be angling the ball into the batter


Hall of Fame Member
Seemed to be more for bowlers slipping potentially. But still, this is cliche weather umpiring.


Global Moderator
if 0.0001mm of rain can make the ground too slippery to play on at night then maybe a day night test at hobart starting an hour later than everywhere else wasn't a great idea