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5000 Member Countdown n Celebrations!!


Cricket Web XI Moderator
Well CW is onto another big milestone now.. sittin on 4,997 members that have signed up altogether..

Countdown to the big 5000 - 5Grand Members for CW is up.. Lets cheer for the lucky 5000th member..

Another great moment in CW history brough to you by L.o.D.


International Regular
amazing achievement as it is and all the better when the 5000th arrives to this great place.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
DJellett said:
o realli? (what a GREAT comeback post dylan, well done)
Good to have you back mate.

The fact that the forum has so many members is a great testament to the site itself, all the people that work on it, especially James, and the members themselves.


Cricket Web Owner
A fantastic achievement but what is nicer is the number of active members :) I've seen lots of forums with tens of thousands of members but less active members than us!

600,000 posts are next ;)