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5 Greatest Test matches of the Decade


Cricket Spectator
What do you think the 5 greatest test matches from 1995-2006 are?
Throw all your suggestions at me and we will, on vote, make a cricket web top 5.


State Vice-Captain
The Laxman Test, Eden Gardens 2001
Edgbaston 2005

For starters, pretty obvious choices.
Yeah those were the two immediate ones I thought of and no other matches come close for me. I'm convinced for a match to be a classic these days, you almost need to beat the Aussies just to make it sweeter.

I don't know if it happened in 2000 or 1999 but there was an awesome test match between Australia and Pakistan where Australia were chasing around 360 on a terrible pitch for batting, absolutely terrible, and they faced a young Akhtar and a liony Wasim and a still dangeros Yunis and still did it! Incredible match. That would probably make my top five if I knew when it happened.

The third test in the Ashes would probably make my list as well. Everybody thought it was a must win game, and it was just like Edgbaston with the crowds with their faces in their hands etc. Awesome drama. The incredible sense that with over 30 overs to go Australia couldn't hold on with three wickets. Ponting played probably the best innings this decade after Laxman's near triple century. He batted for the tail and the ball was going everywhere. Tough pitch and the ball going everywhere, batting with the tail... basicly everything that makes a classic performance.

Dunno what the 5th test would be on my list. But those four are the best I've seen this century.

Barney Rubble

International Coach
The Test where Lara got 153* against Australia and won it for WI by 1 wicket. Forget when or where it was.

EDIT: BlackCapFan beat me to it.
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International Captain
#1 : India vs Australia, Kolkata, 2001
#2 : India vs Pakistan, Chennai, 1999
#3 : West Indies vs Australia, Barbados, 1999
#4 : West Indies vs England, PoS, 1998
#5 : England vs Australia, Edsbagston, 2005


International Coach
Just about any match that Australia lost should be taken into consideration.
Over the past decade, defeating Australia has usually meant a truly special, extraordinary exhibition.


State Vice-Captain
That Lara game was in 1999. I remember because people were writing the Aussies off going into the 1999 World Cup and laughed harder in the early stages of that world cup.

I don't mean to go off topic, but for the record that match would be an easy top five pick from the 90s.

1. West Indies vs. Australia - Adelaide 1992/93
2. West Indies vs. Australia - The two tests the WI won in 1999
4. Australia vs. Pakistan - Hobart 1999/2000

Dunno what else there'd be.

Why can't I think of anything outside what the Ozzo's have done. I can't believe I don't recall something South Africa did in the 90s. They were my love.

Pedro Delgado

International Debutant
The Curious Case of the Test in the Night-Time, Eng v Pak Karachi 2000 might be a possibilty (a biased pick perhaps).

In fact no, a great innings from Thorpe and very odd conditions but doesn't compare with those mentioned really.
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Virat Kohli (c)
Glad someone mentioned the Chennai classic between Pakistan and India. Top stuff CC.

I'd have in no particular order:
Eden Gardens 2001
Edgebaston 2005
Barbados 99
Chennai 99
Hobart 99 or Old Trafford 2005


State Captain
Adding to Pedro list

1999: WI vs Aus - Brian Lara's 153* in a famous one wicket victory at the Kensigton Oval
2005: Old Trafford Eng vs Aus
2004: India's Victory over Aus at Adelaide Oval where Aus where 5/400+ after the first day


Cricket Spectator
Have your say on my top 10 of Australia's greatest tests:
Aus V Sri, Kandy 2004- Warne breaks world record, Aus make 120, Sri make 211 and then Gilly and Marto get 200 hundred stand and give Australia narrow victory.

Aus V Ind Nagpur, 2004- Australia won by 345 runs but was significant as Australias first series victory in india for thirty five years.

Aus V Ind Kolkata, 2001- Laxman Dravid, say no more.

Aus V Sa, 2002 Cape Town- Australia chases down SA 300+ score to win the series.

Aus V Win, Bridgetown 1995- The one where the West- Indies dominance was ended.

Aus V Win, Bridgetown 1999- The one where Wi needed 308 to win and got it with one wicket to spare with Lara getting153

Aus V SA, Port elizabeth 1997- The one where Aus were rolled for 108, after Sa made 220, Sa made 170+ and Mark Waugh played the greatest innings of his life to secure a thrilling 2 wicket win

Aus V Pak, Hobart 99' The one where Australia were 5-129 chasing 369 and one against a fierce Pakistani attack, Akhtar, Akram, Younis and Mustaq.

Aus V Eng Manchester 05' The one where England dominated but Punta played a great Captains knock to leave England one wicket short of a victory, Drawn match.

Number 1 Aus V Eng Birmingham 05' The one where Australia were 9-220 chasing 281 and Harmison got Kaspa out 3 runs short, undoubtebly not only the greatest game of the decade but arguably the greatest game of all time


International Regular
Pak vs. WI - Antigua 1999-00
Pak vs. India - Chennai 1998-99
Pak vs. England - Manchester 2002


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
nz vs england - trent bridge.1973
eng 250
nz 97
eng 325/d amiss 138 grieg 137
nz 440 congdon 176 pollard 116
*a pretty amazing improvement based on nz 1st innings.
nz lost by 34 runs