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4th Test at the Gabba, Brisbane, 15 - 19 Jan 2021


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Yeah I think Paine's an annoying twit but I wasn't bothered at all by what he said to Ashwin.

The politically correct culture is so deeply entrenched now that it has totally changed what is deemed to be acceptable.

Not saying the change is all bad, but there are some real overreactions.
Paine seemed like a guy who tries to use his brain while sledging even if he wasn't good at it. Him just going back to base level insults seemed like he was just another regular jarhead except he's tiny.


International Debutant
I believe Shaw is still available, though I guess he wouldn't necessarily displace any of the team proposed in that Tweet.

For the sake of the contest I really hope Bumrah and Ashwin are both fit to play the decider. (If they are out, then by my count India would be without their 5 best Test seamers, two best spinners and their pace bowling allrounder - not to mention their star batsman and captain. It feels ridiculous even just typing that out.)


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Has any other team picked up such a large number of injuries as the Sri Lanka and India sides recently? I know England had a tour in the sixties where everyone was sick and Henry Blofeld nearly played, but for general injuries this has to be close (though India are a bit unluckier with two players being hit on the hand or arm).