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40-over Format


International Debutant
Remember Sachin or someone atlking of some format like this. It would be interesting if the 10 wickets are divided between the two innings. More of strategy would be involved then. Worth trying out.


Virat Kohli (c)
As long as wickets lost and runs by players scored accumulate, I wouldn't necessarily care I guess.

All the same bull**** now anyway.

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
Not a huge fan of the idea.

Has a format like this been tested extensively at club level? I would prefer such a radical change to be well tested and refined before we subject the nation’s best domestic cricketers to the format.


Hall of Fame Member
Cricket Australia confirms split-innings one-dayers | Australia Cricket News | Cricinfo.com

Looks like it is confirmed and it is being trailled in county 2nds. I don't get the format from the details of the format especially this bit."Cricket Australia will now move to finalise the details, although it seems certain that teams will resume their second innings from the point where their first innings concluded."

So they play the first 20/25 overs, then the other team bats. Team batting first finished their 20-5 overs from where they finished. Then the 2nd set of overs. From that it seems all that are going is split in the matches and not playing two separate innings. How will that stop team going slow during their final 10 during the first lot and first 10 of the final lot to protect wickets. Surely two separate 20 over innings is what people are asking for. Not just a break and then re-starts.


Global Moderator
Yeah bit strange tbh. Don't see why people wouldn't just rock up halfway through and basically watch an augmented t20 match.