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32nd Match - England v Australia

Who will win the match?

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Someone on CricInfo said that England and South Africa have effectively swapped places this WC. Pretty apt.


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Apart from that meh finish to their first innings, Australia have been as good as you can be here. Scary stuff for the other contenders.


International Debutant
Predictable really, I'd be amazed if we beat either India or New Zealand.

After this world cup I'd like to see the end of Morgan as captain.


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That’s an absolute hammering. Out thought, out played, out selected. Just need to bat TPC at three and sort out the lower batting order and we’re pretty much home and hosed for a sixth title.


International Coach
i can’t wait for langer to go with

next game

Member Berry

U19 Cricketer
australia made this look far too easy in the end. starc and behrendorff were great but the aussie openers deserve the most credit imo, that was a tough deck to bat on first up.


Hall of Fame Member
With Behen Aussie bowling has improved too. Damn why do rest of the teams even bother to show up at world cups.


School Boy/Girl Captain
Morgan should be sacked as captain. England batting is overrated definitely. However not so bad that they can't even qualify for semis at home. If Roy is not coming back next match, probably Buttler/Moeen should open. Buttler is not doing much now a days under pressure. Anyways even if Roy comes back England are done and dusted as can't see this team beating both India and NZ.

Tomorrow's match is very interesting now. If Pak pulls upset over NZ then Pak will make to the semis.