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32nd Match - England v Australia

Who will win the match?

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But that's not the most desirable outcome. The most desirable outcome is India and Australia not making the finals for neutrals. Because both have experience winning cups and are going to make life a lot harder for your Bangladesh/ Pakistan cup fantasies.
Sorry, what's ***** saying?


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Lol, how many neutrals follow cricket that don't have a team still alive in the cup? Literally just saffers


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Personalty I'll be rooting for Aus. Possibly for the first time in my life. Just because an England loss keeps that 4th semi spot still up for grabs and keeps things interesting.
This for me too.


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I'm supporting individual players for this rather than teams: Root, Buttler, ATVG Moeen vs. Warner, Maxi, Cummins.
Real pity that Jhye Richardson isn't playing; he would have tilted the balance.

aussie tragic

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So England haven't beaten Australia in a WC since the Ian Botham masterclass in 1992...

27 years of history continued tomorrow :)


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I am a little bit hacked off with England at the moment , their uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is no longer funny :D . This is the sort of game they are going to have to routinely win to lift the Cup .

The way I see it injuries , points , tables , nrr and other teams results don't mean a damn thing to England anymore . Their next 3 games are against likely semi-finalists . Gotta win at least 2 out of the three to show some mettle . Otherwise there's just no point turning up at the semis .
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my brain is pretty certain mitchell starc is going to continue to expose the sham of the #intent crowd, but then the lesser australian bowlers will let england escape to a competitive score.


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No Roy makes be a little less unconfident but the ****eness of our bowling beyond the first two and middle-lower order collapsibility still make it England's to lose IMO.