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2nd Test at the MCG, Melbourne, 26 Dec - 30 Dec 2020

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
I’m guessing the ODI squad will have gone home, and there’s quarantine bubbles keeping you from flying anyone else in? Has Natarajan got anything of a red-ball record / are there any other cabs on the rank for India at A-team level or would we be back to the good old wheel of mediocrity?
Apparently Natarajan, Shardul Thakur and Kartik Tyagi are still in Australia as net bowlers but not part of the Test squad.


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WD India. Top win and well deserved. Rahane especially, fantastic stuff. Great series shaping up now. Aus needs to find something with the bat ASAP. Doesn’t matter how well you bowl if you’re battling to ship 200.


Whatever it takes!!!
Are they using an Australian broadcast in the subcontinent? I thought they ran their own broadcast with an Indian commentary team and production?

If you're having to suffer Warney, Huss and AB stating the obvious (they'd love to get a wicket here) and being insufferably matey, matey mates (oh ho ho ho!), I suppose it's only fair it's not just us.
Nah we just get our own commentary for every 60 of 90 mins of play. So we get 1/3 of the crap you get on commentary, and we try to make the rest up with our own crap aka Sanju Manju.