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2nd Test at Adelaide - 16 to 20 Dec


International Coach

CA Statement

"Australian captain Pat Cummins has been deemed a close contact of a person who received a positive Covid-19 test last night,'' it reads.

''Cummins was dining in a restaurant last night and did not breach any biosecurity protocols. He isolated as soon as he became aware of the situation and has since had a PCR test, which produced a negative result.

''SA Health has confirmed that Cummins is a close contact and will be required to isolate for seven days. As a consequence, Cummins is unavailable to play in the second Vodafone men's Ashes Test match in Adelaide, starting today.

''We anticipate that he will be available to play in the third Vodafone men’s Ashes Test at the MCG in Melbourne.

''Cummins is understandably very disappointed not to be able to captain Australia for the day-night Test in Adelaide.

''Steve Smith will captain the team in Cummins’ absence.

''Michael Neser comes into the playing XI to make his Test debut and Travis Head will be vice-captain.

''Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon were dining at the same restaurant as Cummins but at a separate table outdoors. SA Health has deemed them casual contacts and they are free to play. ''

Shady Slim

Cricketer Of The Year
Yeah, and look where that's got you. Our hero, the Aussie Adonis, the Prince of Penrith, the Mt Riverview Express has been struck down because you've all acceded to idiotic notions of #lettingitrip and thinking (if you can call it that) it's more important for some imbecile awaiting a test result to get out on the squirt than it is to worry about public safety and test match results.
those are all flattering superlatives but you're laying it on me ever so thick don't ya reckon??


International Captain
Are you confusing me for someone else here or are you just talking out of your arse, I genuinely am unsure

When exactly have I ever been bullish about Australia's chances on here?
I'm not sure, apologies that was a generalisation on my behalf as I don't know what your style is. I just didn't know that there'd be a single person who felt England were favourites because Cummins and Haze are out. England's batting stinks, is all.


International Captain
Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon were dining at the same restaurant as Cummins but at a separate table outdoors. SA Health has deemed them casual contacts and they are free to play.
i wish they couldn't play either; aus would completely change their bowling attack in successive tests.

england would still lose by a mile though.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Look, as with Cribbeh, Cozza, Hingeh and the other nutters, if stephen is against you, you're on the right side of things.

TPC to double ton up. Starc to take ten for the match, Aus to win inside four days with Haze & Cummins back fresh and fit for Boxing Day to secure the Ashes in no time flat.
Lol at being called a nutter for not being a totalitarian.

The right to freely assemble and peacefully protest is a right extended to everyone, not just union members. Not that I've ever wasted my time on such things.

And I'm fully vaxxed as well. Hardly a raving loony.


Hall of Fame Member
Australia won’t have their two best bowlers for this test…if England can’t take advantage of this break, they might as well concede the remaining three tests and slink back home…