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2nd Semi Final | Ind vs Eng | Adelaide, 10 Nov 2022

Victor Ian

International Coach
has it always been 6 for hitting boundary on full? i thought it had to clear it and hitting it was a four.


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i literally just saw a "come on India!" graphic between overs - not a fan banner, an actual organiser made graphic - and the PA telling people how to best support India between overs just now and have seen some sponsor ads that spruik backing rohit.

needless to say i have not seen anything like that for England.
Appalling really


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That's one of the worst misfields I've ever seen. He should have thrown it himself - was facing the right way.
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time to ban the entire Test squad from playing T20is

We won in 2007 with a B team filled with youngsters and specialists. Back to that formula plz. Including for bilaterals. If the BCCI won't let our young T20 and ODI prospects play in franchise tournaments around the world, they may as well send them on bilateral tours around the year to build up experience before the World Cup

Don't convinced Dravid is the right coach for T20Is either.