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2nd Semi Final - Australia v India (26th March)

Who will win this match?

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this nearly being an indian home game in all but name is trippy as ****

i don't want to sound like one of those stop the boats ****s but this crowd not being right behind aussie jars me. i love the atmosphere in indian odis and i want the aussie crowd to give it to india when india play against aussie in aussie as well.

it's like eden park and seddon park a couple of years ago where it was a sea of blue ad kohli chants. it just felt wrong.

it's one reason im very glad nz avoided india in the quarters and semis. they're the only team that could swap the two eden park crowds we've had with a very different one.


Evil Scotsman
No Warne, Dhawan did not do his job. He was set, he can ton up, he was suppposed to hang around till the 30th. Now if India lose Kohli they are ****ed.
Watch that knee jerk.

Hands down the worst poster on the site just now, you've got no idea about cricket and you talk **** every time you try and analyse things. Job on C9 beckons.


U19 Debutant
Just talked with the guys who do these public showings here in AZ. They're a group representing the Indian community, and said they will only show the final too if India wins.

Therefore, I now want India to win, because I'd like to watch the final on the big screen too.


Hall of Fame Member
Time for me to say what I was saving for long - Meh, we beat Pakistan. Who cares about the rest.
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