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2nd Semi Final - Australia v India (26th March)

Who will win this match?

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Mr. Glass
325-330 is a great score for Australia. India have a good lineup but bowling wins matches still, and Australia have a great bowling lineup.
If we play Starc out and Johnson's off target, the chase should be straight forward. We will crumble if both of those idiots are in the zone today.


The Wheel is Forever
It's a 'massive massive drop for India' - really? The difference might be, at the very max, 18 runs. I hate commentary sometimes.


International Debutant
Wow, what a strike from Johnson. That was a well bowled slow ball. Should have destroyed the batsman's timing but Johnson waited and just powered it for 6. Flat as a tack.


International Captain
**** you Kohli denying my boy Yadav his 5-fer..

Also - Kohli is the worst fielder in the Indian side.

Jadeja, Raina, Rahane are all good.


Request Your Custom Title Now!
Superb from MJ. That **** can win you a game. Also tends to take wickets after scoring runs

And lol Kohli.

EAD Jono.