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2022-2023 New Zealand First-Class Draft


Cricketer Of The Year
Hopefully Jamieson without Heinrich Malan will work out a lot better than Duffy without Rob Walter last summer.

Just jokes, just jokes, KJ. You were looking a bit less ambivalent to me against the Dutch. I think your recent gfs have been far too glossy and Aucklandy for your career to fully regress to a terribly unassertive Duffy tier.


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****, Chewie secures two blunters who'll be blunting at 1.5x prestige points, and will probably be playing Plunket Shield rather than the T20 World Cup. This draft could have its winner already.



Cricketer Of The Year
Nope. Two picks from Vandem whenever he's back online and then more drafting in September.

Players of interest re: blunter bonus points (advise me if you're locking them in as an opener):
Latham (Chewie)
Young (Chewie)
Ravindra (@Athlai)
Conway (Braai Guys)
Williamson? (Flem274*)
Root? (Ataraxia)
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Cricketer Of The Year
Braai has got back to me. He's keen on this idea of maximising his Devon Conway points haul. It doesn't matter to him too much that Conway now bats at No. 4 irl, and rarely turns out these days for the fragile Firebirds.