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2019 World Cup draft


Cricketer Of The Year
Figured what with the current tournament well underway I might as well start this draft up. A really simple one, the only criteria is that eligible players must feature in one of the ten squads competing in the current CWC. Players which were flown in as cover for injured players are allowed too. However, players such as Alex Hales & Jhye Richardson, who were withdrawn from their respective squads aren't available.


Players entire ODI careers will be taken into consideration come voting time, not just their performance at the 2019 tourney.

Will need to cap this at 11 players or less though, otherwise we'll end up with a situation where not everyone will be able to pick a 'keeper. I'm in, so 10 slots up for grabs.


Cricketer Of The Year
Ok, so we have 10 entrants so far. If one more person wants to join they can jump in at the end of R1.

12 hours for first pick, 8 hours there after

Red Hill


Cricketer Of The Year
srbhkshk has timed out.

Teuton > trundler > Red Hill

srbhkshk & Prez to catch up when they can.