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2019/20 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft (Division 2)


International Captain
Well it is Division 2 for a reason! You have to look to Chewie to find a guy who's making the prescient calls and gets right in it to win it, rather than making all sorts of highly partisan and sentimental selections.


State Vice-Captain
Guessing highest scoring players of the round would be Mitchell and Duffy, one of whom wasn't picked and one who was picked only at the end.
Some pickers have been canny and assumed that Mitchell (and Santner and Guppy etc) may not get much red ball cricket this season.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
I tried to pick him, albeit as a 13th man. I had thought about it earlier but wondered if it was too moneyball

in the end, most of my side is moneyball anyway

straw man

International Coach
Yeah if I had my time again I still wouldn't have picked Mitchell, between likely international T20 duty and their being many more likely-looking options with bat and amongst all-rounders. Sorry Chewie, that was pure luck :p . Probably wouldn't have even made the ND XI if De Grandhomme hadn't been sick.

Duffy a good pick though - he's at the right point in his career to go from being the young promising guy who has been through some trials and tribulations, gained some maturity, and is now ready to be a domestic gun. While still unlikely to receive an international callup (like McConchie, wouldn't rule him out, but a few things need to go right for him and wrong for others).

I was also looking at McEwan and Smith before others took them - had plans to group them with Rance, Southee and Ludick for an attack made entirely of right arm medium pace wobblers (hey there's no points for variety). Decided to drop that anti-cricket plan after missing McEwan though.