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1st Semi Final | NZ vs Pak | Sydney, 09 Nov 2022

ashley bach

International Regular
I'm terrified. Not gonna lie.
I'm not the pessimistic type at all, but got to be honest and say I've got an eerry feeling about this one.
It's like Pakistan are riding a free lifeline and will have nothing to lose, would much of preferred South Africa.
Paramount we don't let the spinners get on top early and dictate the flow of runs, easier said than done though, in particular we need to tame Shadab.
God help us if Babar and Rizwan suddenly hit their straps.


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Imagine Babar Azam giving a cornered tigers pep talk to his team.
I remember seeing a post on here from a Pakistan fan attaching the clip of the toss in the 92 WC vs Aus with Imran wearing a cornered tiger tee shirt and saying how it was so intimidating for Border.


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I mean the clip was funny because Border didn't' even notice his ****ing tee shirt.

Everton Seymour

U19 Debutant
Harsh on Finn Allen I think he's had a pretty good tournament , he embodies what a T20 opener really should be in this era :

Someone who takes advantage of the Powerplay restrictions in the first 6 overs , looks to give his side a fast start ..

He gives the rest of the batting line up either a great run rate to build on or enough time to have a look in and then go blitzkrieg again .. Too many times in this tournament we've seen top order batsmen try to play these awful laboured knocks , not taking advantage of the Powerplay ..

Finn Allen and Muhammad Haris have given these sides a much needed injection in the momentum stakes ..

That knock Allen played vs Australia was a big occasion so he can do the business .


The Tiger King
I am not sure why the NZ fans are so worried given this Babar Azam team.

The openers were our best bet in the tournament and they haven't played a single good innings. Our best middle order bat is Shan Masood, who is a friggin test opener. The bowling is decent, but there's only so much they can do when there are no runs to be made by batters. And fielding, sometimes you have to wonder if Pak fielding is actively working to get the opposition to win.


U19 Vice-Captain
NZ have been excellent so far and deserve to make the final and are slight favourites to do so.

But as ever Pakistan can beat anyone on their day and it would hardly be an upset if they were to win.

Gut feeling is for NZ to win a close game.


International Coach
At the risk of gamhbhiring I don't like our chances.

Babar and Rizwan have been woeful and going by last game its not like form is returning anytime soon. The mediocre middle order is bound to have a collective bad day soon.

I have seen many past Pak sides who suddenly turn up the heat come the bussiness end of the tourney, this side is not that one as per my judgement .


International Vice-Captain
If Allen comes off it does a lot for NZ’s chances, but a back-in-form Shaheen will likely have his say.

This one’s going to be played on a fresh pitch you’d think, so Santner-Sodhi may be less of a factor than in their last 2 games. Major boost if the pacers find their mojo. But really, will probably come down to which version of Pakistan shows up.


State Vice-Captain
I give NZ 0% chance for this match. Like 1992 WC, 1999 WC, 2007 WT20 , we will see another Pak victory against NZ.


International Vice-Captain
I give NZ 0% chance for this match. Like 1992 WC, 1999 WC, 2007 WT20 , we will see another Pak victory against NZ.
Here’s one ICC tournament semifinal which NZ did win (if anyone remembers this game, was actually a very fun contest):

But I guess when it comes to relevant (ie. recent T20) history, can’t recall NZ’s batting getting on top of Pakistan’s attack particularly the spinners. Those middle overs will probably end up being crucial again.