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1st Semi Final - New Zealand v South Africa (24th March)

Who will win this match?

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Not Terrible
I'm literally dying. Newest bloke at my job. Can't leave desk. Hear people watching game in breakroom crying out. AND CHEERS!


straw man

International Coach
It looked like the Ronchi drop was down to the ball angling down the leg side, leading to the keeper getting half a step leg side; it's not about reaction times, but the delay built in by having to counter this leg side movement and push back to the off; like a deflected free kick, you know what's happening but you're powerless to stop it.
Yeah they were both very difficult chances and I hope the players out there can recognise that and go back to what they were trying to do before.

Have to feel Boult continues to be a huge chance against De Kock.



Cricketer Of The Year
Amla's ODI record flatters him so so much. Just can't get myself to rate this guy as high as other successful ODI bats.