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1st Semi Final - New Zealand v South Africa (24th March)

Who will win this match?

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Honestly don't want to hear any bull-**** talking choker bs atm..just enjoy the moment.


Evil Scotsman
Dem tears.

No idea how any of our Kiwis have finger nails left, I was nervous as **** for those last 5. Thought New Zealand had blown it.


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so when do we start the poll?

Do SA win this game if rain doesn't interrupt?

They win, for me


Mr. Glass
I can see it now in my head. New Zealand are going to win this WC and carry Vettori around the ground.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
That's ****ed

SA would've got 350-400 and NZ would not have had a prayer

Mark it down as a day where I support SA