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14th June - 1st Semi-final - England v Pakistan


International Captain
England the vastly superior team will annihilate Pakistan today (and Amir is not playing either, so Pak have close to no chance of victory)!


International Vice-Captain
Hell lads I've just sat down with my tea...don't need too much excitement at this time of the match..


Whatever it takes!!!
sounds like a heart breaker of a review for Pak. All the more reason why umpire's calls should not cost teams their reviews.


International Captain
Well, Amir out is a big blow for Pakistan. All logic points to an England victory, form, conditions, etc, but as we've heard so frequently when talked about Pakistan they are an unpredictable side and even without Amir could get an roll and nip out a few quick wickets, but this England side keep coming and keep attacking.

Bairstow only just survives the second ball, so close! A worthwhile review from Pakistan, but umpires call saves Bairstow, pretty sure the way it was going for Jason Roy, Erasmus would've given that one had it been him!


State 12th Man
I reckon Hales might enjoy the slightly more circumspect play of Bairstow at the other end - knowing he doesn't have to not get out whilst Roy inevitably does.


International Captain
Nice couple of flicked boundaries through the leg side should hopefully settle Bairstow down a touch.