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12th June - Group B - Sri Lanka v Pakistan

Who will win this match?

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Cricketer Of The Year
Babar Azam has been the disappointment of the tournament. Supposed to be the good one
Overrated. Been saying he is not all that he is touted to be. Guy has potential but just hasn't expanded his game the way he should have being about 2 years old in international cricket now.
Lot of the things that people criticise Azhar for - lack of strike rotation, hitting straight to fielders, dot balls, Babar is as guilty of these but gets away with it because he can play those flashy drives for 4. His two dismissals (India and yesterday) were pathetic to say the least.


Whatever it takes!!!
Good to see Pak make those proactive changes since the game against India though. Zaman and Ashraf, alongside Wasim, seem to add some big hitting muscle to this side and they are doing the right thing spreading them out over the batting line up. None of them may actually be better batsmen than Hafeez or Azhar or even Shehzad but its important to have a bit of depth and muscle to your batting line up. India struggled with the same issues post 2012 till 2016 even though they actually had a much better top 6. Lot of credit should go to Arthur, I think, for having the nerve to change this side around this way. For all the talk of bravura, the little I have seen of Sarfraz's captaincy suggests to me this might not have been his idea. And frankly, even if the trio of them don't go on to be great or even good ODI players,, they still bring in a balance that the side will otherwise lack.

Now all this may also mean they will be more culpable for a 150 all out type innings which the earlier side may usually avoid, but its a risk worth taking I feel.