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11th June - Group B - India v South Africa

Who will win this match?

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International Coach
This often seems to come up as an argument in favour of Parnell's inclusion, which I don't understand. It's not as though South Africa's seam attack has struggled without a left-armer, and there's certainly been variety in those attacks.
Next Starc/Akram...?


International Debutant
Don't agree with Umesh sitting out. It shoould have been either Pandya or Jadeja imo


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Man, there is rubbish commentary all around.

No, it's not a defensive move to play Ashwin for Umesh.
No, India shouldn't have batted first. This team, esp Kohli, seems more comfortable chasing a given target. Plus, rain and all that.
You don't "have to have" 3 frontline pacers in England. These aren't tests. Spinners have been doing a fab job this CT, as has been true for LO cricket for a while now.


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2 spinners eh. Looks like we went for the old win toss, bowl first, damage control mode and chase it down option. Good stuff.

Of course it could all backfire because we're not going to actually take wickets but hopefully we keep it to 300.