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11 Years in 11 Days Draft Game


International Vice-Captain
The premise of this draft is to select a team, but you will be limited to one player from each of a set of 11 years as selected by the participants. Each player will be assigned to pick from a specific unique year in each round. This means that the round orders will be practically irrelevant so each round will take 24 hours and you can make your selection anytime within that period. Thus the draft should be quick and completed in 11 days (more or less).
• Round 1 will begin at a predefined time (1-2 days after the list is finalised), and everyone will be able to nominate their first pick, along with a year that they played a Test in.
• Please post a scorecard link for each pick.
• Round 2 will begin 24 hours later in simplified reverse order of round 1 but you will get to pick the year (of those nominated in R1) along with a player from that year to even out the earliest R1 picks.
o R1 submissions will be grouped into 2 hour blocks, so anyone who picked in the final 2 hours of R1 can pick first in R2, then anyone who picked in the preceding 2 hours of R1 can pick once the first batch has finished and so on. There will be an 8 hour limit per batch.
o Round 2 will be the only round where the order is relevant and therefore the only one that doesn’t go for 24 hrs.
• For R3-11 I will assign each player to a year from the set that they haven’t picked from so you will know in advance when you will be picking form each of the years in the set.
• In some early years there wasn’t much cricket so I will group these with an adjacent year as detailed below.
• This does depend on having exactly 11 players, if we don’t have that many sign up I will run some default teams using a predefined system to deplete those years consistently
• No Bradman
• Post if you are interested

Grouped Years
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Cricketer Of The Year
Yes for rounds 3-11.
Ok. So for Rounds 1 and 2 we can pick players from any year?

About the 24 hour rule, are you saying there is no draft order and people can make a pick any time within 24 hours? Do you mean that 2 different drafters could have Kusal Mendis in their team for example?


International Vice-Captain
Round 1 you can pick from any year that hasn't been picked prior (giving a set of 11 years).
Round 2 you pick from the set (that haven't been picked yet in this round)
Round 3-11 you will be randomly assigned to a year from the set, so there's no round order.

It's still a draft so any player can only be on 1 team, so there is still a small potential advantage to picking earlier in the round if your year is close to another year. Each year will be picked exactly once in each round.
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International Vice-Captain
Like i said earlier this does depend on having 11 teams so if no one else joins i will create 2 default teams as such:

Once everyone else has picked, I will pick 2 years reasonably spread out from those selected.
In rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 default teams will get the leading runscorer from that year
Rounds 2, 4, 6, 8 will be the highest wicket taker
Round 10 will be the leading wicketkeeper
Round 11 will be someone to balance the team out.
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International Vice-Captain
So like usual you pick the best team given the constraints...

For example my first round pick might be Dean Jones 1989 Scorecard - 1989 The Ashes - 27/07/1989

And every one else will pick a different player and year (giving a set of 11 years)

In round 2 I can pick from any of the years in the set (that haven't yet been picked yet in the round) say Michael Holding in 1976. This will be approximately in reverse order of round 1 but I will group participants together to speed it up a bit. I will post the order in good time.

For rounds 3 - 11 everyone will be randomly assigned to different year in the set so that everyone ends up with 11 players from 11 distinct years.

I tend to find my ideas are easier in practice than in writing out.
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