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10th June - Group A - England v Australia

Who will win this match?

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Cricketer Of The Year
Bangladesh. Always.

It goes:
HK above everyone
BD above everyone (except HK)
India above everyone (except BD and HK)
Any team that is not England
Any team that is not Australia
So which side do you go for in the second biggest cricket rivalry of all time?


International Coach
Cummins is going to be a monster in Tests as long as he is fit. In fact he is a monster now, however there are plenty of bowlers who reckon they get injured if they aren't playing regularly so maybe you play him in white ball cricket if that helps his body become more resilient. He was very one trick pony though, no skill displayed other than being physically the kind of man who would have lead the tribe in prehistoric times.
Thought pre-injury he was quite useful with white ball. Pace factor but he also used to have that well disguised cutter - short and fuller one.


State Vice-Captain
This was a good wake up call for the Aussies, England have taken LO batting to a new level recently and it's been great to watch. Although Darren Lehmann appears to have stuck his head in the sand unsurprisingly.