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Thread: question on dan announcements

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    question on dan announcements

    why aren't you making any, you ****ing ****?

    look i get you write essays no one but 14 year old tumblr girls who swallowed the deonotogical relativism thesaurus understand and spend the rest of your time getting in bar fights with bearded norounders, but lift your game boy.

    just come out and admit that you really, really love murali vijay and want to set up a little raw milk business in hamilton with him when you retire from public life.

    tl;dr get on with it. dontcloseyoureyes wants to call you boring again.
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    the guy's trash bro
    i've got an announcement: dan's too chicken to make announcements after dcye's devastating burn
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    Will say this once and then nothing else. Defamation laws quite clear in careful.

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