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Thread: Can Daemon become the Singaporean Jono?

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    Can Daemon become the Singaporean Jono?

    I was looking at a thread Daemon ruined and noticed a striking similarity to Jono:


    • Jono has made 48,620 dire posts in 9 years. Daemon has made 16,206 dire posts (1/3) in 3 years.
    • Jono has ruined 147 threads. Daemon has ruined at least one, probably 49.

    If we resist the temptation to ban Daemon, can he become the Singaporean Jono? Daemon has mirrored him very accurately so far, now all he needs is a questionable BOTM title and terrible taste in TV.
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    Daemon tries too hard to be like Jono so can never be him.

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    • Jono has 87 likes received. Daemon also has 87.

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    both take great pride in their av's also
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