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Thread: Shane Warne's Argos Review

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    Shane Warne's Argos Review

    • Says he doesn't like the catalogue.
    • The pens they provide are too small and are often out of ink.
    • The checkouts would be run better by Mark Taylor.
    • Terry Jenner would be ace as Head of Marketing.
    • Marlon Samuels should be banned from Argos stores.
    • Rotation of products sold should not be allowed.
    • Shorter form catalogues should be handed out to allow older customers who can no longer cope with the size of the main catalogue to continue to frequent Argos stores.
    • Current management couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.
    • Argos should sell hair plugs and plastic surgery.
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    Vimes tells it how it is:
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    Heath worryingly quick.

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    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    Is Argos the store you go to where you give a product code to the staff at the counter then they bring the item up from an on-site warehouse?
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    Thought he was reviewing the movie tbh.

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    And I'd tell Warnie

    Argo **** yourself

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    Haha, touché.

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    I want to hear Murali's review. I bet it's better than Warne's.

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