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Thread: How good would Bradman have been at POLE VAULT??

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    How good would Bradman have been at POLE VAULT??

    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    Would've practiced by using a cricket stump to pole vault over his brick tank, so very good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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    the guy's trash bro
    those Protestants are all the same....

    Brad McNamara ‏@bbuzzmc
    Will say this once and then nothing else. Defamation laws quite clear in careful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spikey View Post
    those Protestants are all the same....
    Nailing theses to doors and pole vaulting are similar actions.

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