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Thread: Battle of the Candles

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    Battle of the Candles

    Battle of the Candles* (and related items)

    *The word Candles, in the context of this battle, implies any of the various branded candles/branded candley treats/soft candles/packaged candles. Yes, pretty broad definition, and plainly incorrect in some cases, but I wanted a cute and short title and plenty of entries, so there.

    Traditional baked candles, Fruit candles, andycandle, and any of the delightful ladies you might be acquainted with do not qualify.


    Posters are allowed an unlimited number of nominations, and 10 secondings. All nominations must have individual pictorial accompaniments. Testimonials are optional.

    Thread starter reserves the right to group various branded Candles* under a single generic umbrella. For instance, party candles as a single entry, instead of its various brands having entries of their own.

    Thread starter also reserves the right to treat obviously similar Candles* as different entries under their brand names. For instance, Village and Maximum Scented get their own individual entries.

    In case of disputes regarding any aspect of the qualifying process, thread starter reserves the right to take a final and binding call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
    If GI 'Best Poster On The Forum' Joe says it then it must be true.
    Athlai doesn't lie. And he doesn't do sarcasm either, so you know it's true!

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    Well so will you said Ethel in a snappy tone and she ran out of the room with a very superier run throwing out her legs behind and her arms swinging in rithum.
    Well said the owner of the house she has a most idiotick run.'

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    I'll admit, it was a wicked scheme. I was hoping everyone would wax lyrical in this thread.

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    I scented something was wrong as soon as I saw this, but was still drawn to it like a moth to the flame
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    In honour of the Two Ronnies, I'd like to nominate forkandles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeathDavisSpeed View Post
    In honour of the Two Ronnies, I'd like to nominate forkandles.
    Handles for forks?

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    Can i use ideas from Wicki?

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