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Thread: Cockatoos v West Robbham - Commentary

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    KJ Gough being man of the match is a total farce. Worst player of the match, maybe.

    Still, the Cocks know that we've beaten both finalists during this tournament. Gutting to lose to the Wolves, who, let's face it are just Sam Morris.

    Still, all players are welcome to the bar where I'll be pouring drinks for free for the next half hour.
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    I must say that that is a pretty generous MOM award. Bennett, Morris and De Silva did great.

    Anyway, fantastic to reach the final. Im sure all of CWLand will be cheering for us as we face the might of the Masters.
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    Yeah, congrats to the Rabid Wolves, clearly the best 20/20 outfit. More active than the Masters XI aswell imho.
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    Well done to WR, a convincing win. Next year boys.
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    Congratulations to WR, they deserved it. I know we could have performed better than we did, but on the day we were unfortunately out-classed.
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    Yes Wolves!

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    Carn the Rabids, up the final so much. Well played ladies.
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