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Thread: Upper Body v Masters XI - Commentary

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    Upper Body v Masters XI - Commentary

    Brian Lara has called heads and won the toss at the CW Oval. Masters XI will bowl first.

    Tyron Henderson has been in excellent form recently and he will look to make an early impact in this most crucial of matches.
    0.1 Henderson to Smith, 0 runs, Pitched up outside offstump at good pace and left alone by Smith.
    0.2 Henderson to Smith, FOUR, That was a bit fuller and Smith just walked across and fired it through the covers and away for FOUR. This pitch looks to be a cracker!
    0.3 Henderson to Smith, FOUR, That's even better! Henderson still searching for that corridor, but Smith took a good length ball and drove it sweetly to the cover boundary.
    0.4 Henderson to Smith, 1 run, Henderson strayed onto the pads and Smith just turned it to long leg for a single. Dwyer set to face his first ball.
    0.5 Henderson to Dwyer, 0 runs, Pitched up and defended calmly back to the bowler. Dwyer looks well organized there.
    0.6 Henderson to Dwyer, OUT!, That moved away a bit and Dwyer pushed at it. A little edge through and a confident appeal is upheld immediately.

    CR Dwyer c Prior b Henderson 0 (2)
    Partnership 9 (DP Smith 9, CR Dwyer 0)
    Upper Body 9/1 (0.6 overs)

    End of over 1 (9 runs) - Upper Body 9/1
    DP Smith 9* (5b) T Henderson 1-0-9-1
    DBM Murphy 0* (0b)

    Odoyo will share the new ball.
    1.1 Odoyo to Smith, 1 run, He starts with one on legstump and it's just pushed to the right of square leg for a single.
    Darren Murphy is on strike for the first his first ball. He's wearing his traditional black bandana...
    1.2 Odoyo to Murphy, BEATEN!, A big swing and a miss by Murphy. He went for the pull shot, but it wasn't quit short enough. Swish.
    1.3 Odoyo to Murphy, 2 runs, A bit fuller and Murphy pushed it confidenly through the covers and sets off for 2. These two run well with each other.
    1.4 Odoyo to Murphy, BEATEN!, This is typical from the man. Another one pitched up and Murphy went for the cross-batted swipe, but missed the ball entirely. A stifled appeal, but there was nothing in it.
    1.5 Odoyo to Murphy, 0 runs, Left alone this time. That's a pleasant change! Good judgment there and he just let that seam away slightly outside offstump.
    1.6 Odoyo to Murphy, 1 run, Full again and pushed into the covers for a quick single. A misfield by Hinds sees them through comfortably.

    End of over 2 (4 runs) - Upper Body 13/1
    DP Smith 10* (5b) Tm Odoyo 1-0-4-0
    DBM Murphy 3* (5b)

    2.1 Henderson to Murphy, 2 runs, Short ball and he mistimes the pull shot. Benkenstein chased well and keeps the batsmen to two runs. Murphy not looking convincing.
    2.2 Henderson to Murphy, FOUR!, Well that's pretty convincing! Banged in short again and this time Murphy middles it and that's two bounces into the boundary. Excellent response!
    2.3 Henderson to Murphy, 0 runs, A firm drive but staight to the man at short extra cover. Fielded cleanly by Lara, so there's no run.
    2.4 Henderson to Murphy, 1 run, This time he pushes it to the right of Lara and they scamper another quick single. These wo definitely on the same wavelength. Scary stuff.
    2.5 Henderson to Smith, 1 run, Smith continues to look comfortable and play himself in, running the ball down to third man, who's in place and fields.
    2.6 Henderson to Murphy, 0 runs, Yorker length from Henderson and a good finish to the over. Murphy can only block it back to the bowler.

    End of over 3 (8 runs) - Upper Body 21/1
    DP Smith 11* (6b) T Henderson 2-0-17-0
    DBM Murphy 10* (10b)

    3.1 Odoyo to Smith, 2 runs, The first sign of intent by Smith! He stepped out of his crease and drove the ball past mid-off with some authority. He didn't get all of it though, and Patel cuts it off short of the rope.
    3.2 Odoyo to Smith, FOUR, Odoyo strayed onto the pads and Smith clipped it over the square leg fielder and it raced away for a welcome boundary.
    3.3 Odoyo to Smith, 0 runs, A full toss, but Smith can only it back to the bowler. He looks furious with himself, as he should be. He's looked in good touch otherwise.
    3.4 Odoyo to Smith, 1 run, On the pads again and turned away for a single. Smith looking totally in control out there. A man on a mission.
    3.5 Odoyo to Murphy, 2 runs, Slashed away! Just out of the reach of Kemp at backward point. Henderson ran around well from third man to cut it off.
    3.6 Odoyo to Murphy, BEATEN, The ball didn't do much, but Murphy poked a it and it beat the edge comfortably. He's starting to get that clueless shape again...

    End of over 4 (9 runs) - Upper Body 30/1
    DP Smith 18* (10b) Tm Odoyo 2-0-13-0
    DBM Murphy 12* (12b)

    The first sign of spin, as Henderson is replaced by the blonde bombshell, Shane Warne...
    4.1 Warne to Smith, SIX!, BANG! What a greeting! Smith wasted no time there, chipping down the track and clobbering the ball against the spin, over long on! What a shot!
    4.2 Warne to Smith, SIX!, Shocking response! Warne dropped that in short and Smith couldn't believe his luck. He just rocked back and pulled it for six!
    4.3 Warne to Smith, 1 run, Much better from Warne. Tossed up and Smith pushes it to the legside for a single.
    4.4 Warne to Murphy, 2 runs, Murphy went to hit that over midwicket but it flew off an outside edge and over cover point. The batsmen scrambled 2 runs.
    4.5 Warne to Murphy, OUT!, Warne strikes! More flight and a hint of turn to beat the arrogant advances of Murphy, and Matt Prior did the rest smartly behind the stumps.

    DBM Murphy st Prior b Warne 14 (14)
    Partnership 36 (DP Smith 22, DBM Murphy 14)
    Upper Body 45/2 (4.5 overs)

    4.6 Warne to Gonzalez, 0 run, A good finish to the over. Tossed up again and Gonzalez played defensively back to him.

    End of over 5 (15 runs) - Upper Body 45/2
    DP Smith 31* (13b) SK Warne 1-0-15-1
    JP Gonzalez 0* (1b)
    Sreesanth said, "Next ball he was beaten and I said, 'is this the King Charles Lara? Who is this impostor, moving around nervously? I should have kept my mouth shut for the next ball - mind you, it was a length ball - Lara just pulled it over the church beyond the boundary! He is a true legend."[/SIZE][/CENTER]

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    5.1 Odoyo to Smith, 0 runs, A good line and length and Smith just patted it back down the track for Odoyo to field.
    5.2 Odoyo to Smith, 0 runs, Well struck off the back foot, but tha was a stunning bit of fielding by Kemp at backward point. He certainly saved four!
    5.3 Odoyo to Smith, 0 runs, Another dot ball! Some pressure building here as Smith drove that one straight to Lara at short extra cover.
    5.4 Odoyo to Smith, 0 runs, And again! Smith can't pierce the infield, and suddenly the singles aren't coming either!
    5.5 Odoyo to Smith, 1 run, Finally a release. Smith got one on his legs and he just clipped it fine for single.
    5.6 Odoyo to Gonzalez, FOUR!, Gonzalez relieves some pressure with a lofted drive that sped to the boundary.

    End of over 6 (5 runs) - Upper Body 50/2
    DP Smith 32* (18b) TM Odoyo 3-0-18-0
    JP Gonzalez 4* (2b)

    6.1 Warne to Smith, 0 runs, A big legbreak that Smith guided to slip on the bounce. The imposing opener looks to have lost all his momentum in the space of a couple of deliveries.
    6.2 Warne to Smith, BEATEN!, That was another big legbreak and Smith looked to cut but was beaten. That didn't miss the edge by much.
    6.3 Warne to Smith, 1 run, On the legs and he flicked it away and ran a quick single.
    6.4 Warne to Gonzalez, 1 run, Tossed up and pushed to the right of mid-off for a single.
    6.5 Warne to Smith, 0 runs, That was flatter and Smith tried to cut again, but it beat the bottom edge and well held by Prior.
    6.6 Warne to Smith, 1 run, Flighted on the pads and chipped on the bounce to deep cover.

    End of over 7 (3 runs) - Upper Body 53/2
    DP Smith 34* (23b) SK Warne 2-0-18-1
    JP Gonzalez 5* (3b)

    7.1 Odoyo to Smith, 2 runs, A mistimed drive through the covers as Smith tries to break free. Placed well enough to get 2 for it.
    7.2 Odoyo to Smith, 0 runs, Pitched up and driven to Lara again! Smith is furious with himself. He's really labouring here.
    7.3 Odoyo to Smith, 2 runs, Down the track and he looked to hit it over mid-on! Miscued and Warne ran back but couldn't reach the ball. They ran two.
    7.4 Odoyo to Smith, 1 run, Flicked to long leg for one.
    7.5 Odoyo to Gonzalez, 1 run, Punched into the offside and they scrambled a quick single. Good running.
    7.6 Odoyo to Smith, 1 run, A late cut and a quick single, as Kemp fielded the ball quickly. Well run though, as Smith is home safely.

    End of over 8 (7 runs) - Upper Body 60/2
    DP Smith 40* (28b) TM Odoyo 4-0-25-0
    JP Gonzalez 6* (4b)

    The legspin of Warne will be replaced by offspin, as Saqlain Mushtaq enters the attack...
    8.1 Saqlain to Smith, 0 runs, A good start, spinning into Smith off a good length. He defended back to the bowler.
    8.2 Saqlain to Smith, 1 run, Good use of the feet and hit to long-on for a single.
    8.3 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 0 runs, Another missed cut shot. It just wasn't short enough and it beat the bottom edge.
    8.4 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 1 run, Pushed firmly to long-on for a run.
    8.5 Saqlain to Smith, HOWZAT?!, Smith attempted the sweep shot and missed, but was hit marginally outside offstump. It was a confident appeal, but immediately turned down.
    8.6 Saqlain to Smith, 1 run, Nice use of the feet again, but it's all along the ground to long-on. Another single.

    End of over 9 (3 runs) - Upper Body 63/2
    DP Smith 42* (32b) Saqlain Mushtaq 1-0-3-0
    JP Gonzalez 7* (6b)

    Klusener replaces Odoyo, who bowled an excellent spell of 4-0-25-0...
    9.1 Klusener to Smith, 0 runs, He starts with an offcutter that Smith defends down the pitch.
    9.2 Klusener to Smith, 2 runs, Another offcutter, but Smith shuffled across his stumps and flicked it for a single, but a misfield allows a second run.
    9.3 Klusener to Smith, 2 runs, Much the same from Klusener, but this time Smith flicks it a bit finer and he gets two comfortably.
    9.4 Klusener to Smith, 1 run, Smith unpacks the late cut and gets a quick single.
    9.5 Klusener to Gonzalez, 1 run, On the legs and tucked away for a single.
    9.6 Klusener to Smith, OUT!, Smith looked to play his flick shot again, but this time he missed and is struck plumb in front!

    DP Smith lbw b Klusener 47 (37)
    Partnership 24 (DP Smith 16, JP Gonzalez 8)
    Upper Body 69/3 (9.6 overs)

    End of over 10 (6 runs) - Upper Body 69/3
    JP Gonzalez 8* (7b) L Klusener 1-0-6-1
    BC Fitzsimmons 0* (0b)

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    10.1 Saqlain to Gonzalez, FOUR!, Wonderful shot by the young man! He went aerial over midwicket and split the gap between the fielders on the boundary!
    10.2 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 2 runs, Swept fine and they scramble two runs. Well done.
    10.3 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 1 run, A paddle sweep and short fine leg sprinted around to field and keep it to 1 run.
    10.4 Saqlain to Fitzsimmons, 1 run, A little short and Fitzsimmons looked to cut but couldn't beat Kemp at short fine leg. They run a single.
    10.4 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 0 runs, A looping offbreak that Gonzalez patted back down the track.
    10.6 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 1 run, Anotherpaddle sweep by Gonzalez and they take another single.

    End of over 11 (9 runs) - Upper Body 78/3
    JP Gonzalez 16* (12b) Saqlain Mushtaq 2-0-12-0
    BC Fitzsimmons 1* (1b)

    11.1 Klusener to Gonzalez, 1 run, Guided to third man for a single.
    11.2 Klusener to Fitzsimmons, SIX!, Short ball and BANG! Swung high over midwicket and all the way for six! Excellent shot there!
    11.3 Klusener to Fitzsimmons, 2 runs, Driven through the covers and the man ran around to cut it off. An easy 2 runs.
    11.4 Klusener to Fitzsimmons, FOUR!, Pitched up again and another drive, but a bit squarer. Hinds has a lot of work on the boundary but can't cut this one off.
    11.5 Klusener to Fitzsimmons, SIX!, That's a woeful ball! Klusener strayed onto middle stump with a full toss and Fitzsimmons flicked it high and hard for another six!
    11.6 Klusener to Fitzsimmons, 3 runs, That one zipped into the batsman and he played fine off his hips. The fielder cuts it off, but they get a third. Expensive over!

    End of over 12 (22 runs) - Upper Body 100/3
    JP Gonzalez 17* (13b) L Klusener 2-0-28-1
    BC Fitzsimmons 22* (6b)

    12.1 Saqlain to Fitzsimmons, 3 runs, A sweep shot that goes very fine and they get three runs as Henderson cuts the ball off.
    12.2 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 1 run, Flicked to the right of Henderson and they took a quick single.
    12.3 Saqlain to Fitzsimmons, 0 runs, He threatened to go after that flighted ball, but just tapped it back to the bowler.
    12.4 Saqlain to Fitzsimmons, OUT!, Fitzsimmons went big again but just sent the ball down the throat of long-on.

    BC Fitzsimmons c Benkenstein b Saqlain 25 (9)
    Partnership 35 (JP Gonzalez 10, BC Fitzsimmons 25)
    Upper Body 104/4 (12.4 overs)

    The batsmen crossed...
    12.5 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 2 runs, Swept square for 2 runs.
    12.6 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 1 run, Pushed to long leg for 1.

    End of over 13 (7 runs) - Upper Body 107/4
    JP Gonzalez 21* (16b) Saqlain Mushtaq 3-0-19-1
    Bazid Khan 0* (0b)

    Henderson is back...
    13.1 Henderson to Gonzalez, 2 runs, Mistimed through the covers but placed well enough for 2 runs.
    13.2 Henderson to Gonzalez, 1 run, Short outside offstump but well stopped by Kemp. He saved 3 runs.
    13.3 Henderson to Bazid Khan, 0 runs, Full length and punched to short extra cover.
    13.4 Henderson to Bazid Khan, 1 run, Clipped to long leg for a single. Off the mark.
    13.5 Henderson to Gonzalez, 0 runs, Yorker length and Gonzalez almost caught off-guard.
    13.6 Henderson to Gonzalez, 1 run, Pitched up and driven down the ground for a single.

    End of over 14 (5 runs) - Upper Body 112/4
    JP Gonzalez 25* (20b) T Henderson 3-0-22-0
    Bazid Khan 1* (2b)

    14.1 Saqlain to Gonzalez, FOUR!, BANG! Gonzalez charged down the pitch and lofted it dead straight. Stunning shot!
    14.2 Saqlain to Gonzalez, FOUR!, He goes again! The ball is flatter, but it's the same shot and it bounces twice and goes for four.
    14.3 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 1 run, Flat delivery and slapped down to long-on for a single.
    14.4 Saqlain to Bazid Khan, 1 run, Late cut and a quick single as Kemp fields.
    14.5 Saqlain to Gonzalez, BEATEN!, He went for another big one with the slog sweep, but missed the ball entirely.
    14.6 Saqlain to Gonzalez, 1 run, Floated up by Saqlain and pushed down to long-on for one run.

    End of over 15 (11 runs) - Upper Body 123/4
    JP Gonzalez 35* (25b) Saqlain Mushtaq 4-0-30-1
    Bazid Khan 2* (3b)

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    Lara swaps things around again, and Warne replaces Henderson...
    15.1 Warne to Gonzalez, 1 run, Short and cut firmly but the sweeper fields it on the boundary, so it's just one run.
    15.2 Warne to Bazid Khan, FOUR!, Lofted over cover and it dissects the fielders on the boundary for four runs.
    15.3 Warne to Bazid Khan, 2 runs, Short ball again and Bazid pulled it past the short midwicket fielder. They run hard for 2.
    15.4 Warne to Bazid Khan, BEATEN!, Big turn there and Bazid's big drive is beaten by Warne. Excellent bowling there.
    15.5 Warne to Bazid Khan, 2 runs, Short for the third time in the over. Bazid cut the ball and it beat Kemp, but Hinds did a superb job on the boundary. Just 2 runs.
    15.6 Warne to Bazid Khan, 0 runs, The flipper! Bazid can only defend it back to the bowler. That surprised him.

    End of over 16 (9 runs) - Upper Body 132/4
    JP Gonzalez 36* (26b) SK Warne 3-0-27-1
    Bazid Khan 10* (8b)

    16.1 Klusener to Gonzalez, 1 run, A bit of extra bounce, but handled well enough to get a single. Played between short fine leg and square leg.
    16.2 Klusener to Bazid Khan, BEATEN!, He looked to run that away fine outside offstump but missed the ball entirely.
    16.3 Klusener to Bazid Khan, BEATEN!, Again! The same shot attempted and that's a great take from Prior, because the ball bounced sharply.
    16.4 Klusener to Bazid Khan, BEATEN!, Three in a row and Upper Body really losing the plot here, with Bazid Khan struggling to get bat on ball at all!
    16.5 Klusener to Bazid Khan, 0 runs, A firm drive this time, but it's shaping up to be an excellent over. Bazid Khan hit it hard but directly to mid-off, who Lara just brought into the circle.
    16.6 Klusener to Bazid Khan, OUT!, And that does it. Bazid Khan's tormented innings comes to an end. He's really put his team off course here...

    Bazid Khan lbw b Klusener 10 (13)
    Partnership 29 (JP Gonzalez 19, Bazid Khan 10)
    Upper Body 133/5 (16.6 overs)

    End of over 17 (1 run) - Upper Body 133/5
    JP Gonzalez 37* (27b) L Klusener 3-0-29-2
    LA Camps 0* (0b)

    17.1 Warne to Gonzalez, 1 run, Flat and it didn't turn and Gonzalez drove it firmly down to long-off but just for 1.
    17.2 Warne to Camps, 1 run, Short and wide but Camps hit it to Hinds in the deep to get off the mark.
    17.3 Warne to Gonzalez, 1 run, A third single. Good bowling by Warne as he keeps it flat outside offstump. Driven to long-off again.
    17.4 Warne to Camps, 1 run, Warne fired the ball into the pads and Camps blocks it out but gets a single as the substitue Marshall has to run around to field it.
    17.5 Warne to Gonzalez, 1 run, Down the track but Warne adjusted well and dropped it short, so Gonzalez hit it for a single.
    17.6 Warne to Camps, 1 run, Warne closed off an excellent over with a low full toss that Camps hit hard but along the ground to deep midwicket.

    End of over 18 (6 run) - Upper Body 139/5
    JP Gonzalez 40* (30b) SK Warne 4-0-33-1
    LA Camps 3* (3b)

    Henderson is on for the 19th over and Klusener will likely bowl the final over now...
    18.1 Henderson to Camps, WIDE, The big man lost the ball outside offstump and it's wide enough to be called.
    18.1 Henderson to Camps, WIDE, And again! Shocking stuff at the start of this over.
    18.1 Henderson to Camps, 2 runs, Camps went for an improvised paddle sweep and the ball just cleared Benkenstein at short fine leg. He cuts it off though and they get 2 runs. Excellent commitment in the field by the old man.
    18.2 Henderson to Camps, WIDE, Down the legside. It's been a really poor over by Henderson so far. That's 5 runs from just one legitimate ball. Dismal.
    18.2 Henderson to Camps, GONE!, He got it on target in spectacular fashion! Full and straight and Camps wafts around. He's bowled comprehensively! What a strike!

    LA Camps b Henderson 5 (5)
    Partnership 11 (JP Gonzalez 3, Bazid Khan 5)
    Upper Body 144/6 (18.2 overs)

    Rhys Williams is in with 10 balls left and a lot to do in this semi-final...
    18.3 Henderson to Williams, 1 run, No nerves there at all! The young man just stepped back to the legside and drove a full ball into the covers for a single.
    18.4 Henderson to Gonzalez, 1 run, A fierce pull shot but straight to the man at deep midwicket. He hit it too hard to get more than a single for it.
    18.5 Henderson to Williams, FOUR!, Great shot! Again Williams moved to the legside and this time he hit the ball high over the cover fielder and it rolls away for a boundary. A very welcome one at that.
    18.6 Henderson to Williams, 1 runs, Williams walked across to offstump this time and flicked the ball past midwicket. They pushed hard but could only get the one run. Upper Body trying to pick up the pace now. A long over comes to an end.

    End of over 19 (12 runs) - Upper Body 151/6
    JP Gonzalez 41* (31b) T Henderson 4-0-34-2
    R Williams 6* (3b)

    Klusener will, as expected, handle the responsibilities of the last over. He runs in...
    19.1 Klusener to Williams, SIX!, That is another fine shot by the spinner! Williams having a blinder! He just planted his front foot and swung across the line and the ball soared over midwicket. SIX!
    19.2 Klusener to Williams, FOUR!, A fuller delivery by Klusener but Williams is up to the task with another crossbatted slog. That ball races away to the midwicket fence.
    19.3 Klusener to Williams, 1 run, Excellent comeback by the bowler! That was right up into the blockhole and only a single for Williams. Gonzalez takes strike looking for his half-century.
    19.4 Klusener to Gonzalez, 2 runs, Gonzalez made room there and drove firmly past the diving Lara. Hinds tidied up in the deep and they're kept to 2 runs.
    19.5 Klusener to Gonzalez, SIX!, This is proving a very expensive over for Masters XI! Gonzalez cleared his front leg and clobbered the ball way over the favoured midwicket area. There's a shorter boundary there and Gonzalez knows it! 19 from 5 balls in this over and Gonzalez has 49...
    19.6 Klusener to Gonzalez, 1 run, Great finish, right up in the blockhole again. Klusener looks very frustrated with himself for that over, but he finished it well. Gonzalez could only manage a single to long-off. That's an excellent finish by Upper Body, scoring 102 runs from the final 10 overs of the innings. Most of the credit must go to Jay Gonzalez, but Rhys Williams played a cracking cameo at the end.

    End of over 20 (20 runs) - Upper Body 171/6
    JP Gonzalez 50* (34b) L Klusener 4-0-49-2
    R Williams 17* (6b)

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    Poor turnout from the ERUB faithful...

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    And not even lightning storms to blame it on. Oh wait...

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    Lance Klusener went for 20 runs to end the Upper Body innings and he will be very keen on making amends with the bat. Klusener and Lara are in the middle to start what will be a very difficult run chase. Recent success for Lara and his men has come on the back of good bowling, but it is the batting that must step up now.

    Nath Patrick, the Upper Body captain, has the new ball...
    0.1 Patrick to Klusener, 0 runs, Good delivery outside offstump and left alone calmly by Patrick.
    0.2 Patrick to Klusener, 0 runs, Another good ball in the channel outside offstump and Klusener is in no rush.
    0.3 Patrick to Klusener, 1 run, A little bit straighter this time and Klusener worked it off his pads for a single to get Masters XI going.
    0.4 Patrick to Lara, 0 runs, Patrick finds his line outside offstump again and Lara leaves his first ball. Great start here by Patrick.
    0.5 Patrick to Lara, 0 runs, Pitched up and pushed back defensively to the bowler.
    0.6 Patrick to Lara, 0 runs, Good length again and a hint of seam movement and Lara just let it go past him, shouldering arms.
    That's a fine start for Upper Body and the required rate climbs from 8.60 to 9.

    End of over 1 (1 run) - Masters XI 1/0 [171 runs needed from 114 balls]
    L Klusener 1* (3b) NL Patrick 1-0-1-0
    BC Lara 0* (3b)

    Liam Camps will share the ball, and like Klusener, he will feel he has a lot to prove. He was poor with the bat when Upper Body tried to press on with their scoring rate.
    1.1 Camps to Klusener, FOUR!, Not the start Camps wanted. He pitched up and Klusener blasted it through the covers for the first Masters XI boundary. Powerful shot.
    1.2 Camps to Klusener, 0 runs, Camps pitched up outside offstump and this time Klusener let it go past with a watchful stare.
    1.3 Camps to Klusener, FOUR!, BANG! He doesn't stay quiet for long! A big swing of the bat and the ball cleared mid-off and raced away for a boundary.
    1.4 Camps to Klusener, 1 run, On the pads now and Klusener flicked the ball to long leg for a single.
    1.5 Camps to Lara, 0 runs, Camps dug the ball in short and Lara swayed out of the way of it.
    1.6 Camps to Lara, 0 runs, Full and outside offstump and Lara shouldered arms.

    End of over 2 (9 runs) - Masters XI 10/0 [162 runs needed from 108 balls]
    L Klusener 10* (7b) LA Camps 1-0-9-0
    BC Lara 0* (5b)

    Some interesting captaincy by Patrick here. He's bringing on his wristspinner for the third over, after he bowled an excellent first over. Interesting...
    2.1 Williams to Klusener, 0 runs, Good start by the left armer. He gave that a bit of flight, testing out Klusener with long-off and deep midwicket back. Klusener just pushed forward and played it defensively.
    2.2 Williams to Klusener, 0 runs, Again he's right on target. Klusener pushed his pad forward and shouldered arms to that ball.
    2.3 Williams to Klusener, 2 runs, Another big stride by Klusener, but he played the sweep shot and collected 2 runs as Patrick had to run back from short fine leg. Williams won't mind him playing against the spin there.
    2.4 Williams to Klusener, OUT!, The ploy works! Patrick is ectstatic! Klusener went for the big one and could not clear Dwyer at long-off. Inspired captaincy there!

    L Klusener c Dwyer b Williams 12 (11)
    Partnership 12 (L Klusener 12, BC Lara 0)
    Upper Body 12/1 (2.4 overs)

    The new man is Samit Patel...
    2.5 Williams to Patel, FOUR!, He goes straight away! Williams went around the wicket and Patel used the angle to slog sweep for four.
    2.6 Williams to Patel, SIX!, Even bigger! Williams needs to rethink his strategy because Patel just picked that up and deposited it over the midwicket fence.

    End of over 3 (12 runs) - Masters XI 22/1 [150 needed from 102 balls]
    BC Lara 0* (5b) R Williams 1-0-12-1
    SR Patel 10* (2b)

    Patrick replaces Camps...
    3.1 Patrick to Lara, FOUR, That raced through the covers! Pitched up and the free swing of Lara's blade sent it whistling through the covers.
    3.2 Patrick to Lara, FOUR, Again! Another full ball another cover drive. Wonderful shot!
    3.3 Patrick to Lara, FOUR, Three for three! Patrick really struggling to find his length of the first over, and Lara seems to have settled into stride.
    3.4 Patrick to Lara, BEATEN!, Good one by Patrick! He held it back a bit and Lara went for another drive but the ball passed the outside edge.
    3.5 Patrick to Lara, 0 runs, Good length and left alone.
    3.6 Patrick to Lara, FOUR, A flashy cut shot and it just cleared Smith at backward point and raced away for a fourth boundary of the over.

    End of over 4 (16 runs) - Masters XI 38/1 [134 needed from 96 balls]
    BC Lara 16* (11b) NL Patrick 2-0-17-0
    SR Patel 10* (2b)

    And Camps is back at the opposite end...
    4.1 Camps to Patel, WIDE, Down the legside and well taken by Fitzsimmons to limit the damage.
    4.1 Camps to Patel, FOUR, Patel just keeps going. That was a bit outside offstump and Patel slashed it past the diving Smith and away for his second four.
    4.2 Camps to Patel, 2 runs, Camps strayed onto the pads and Patel flicked it past midwicket for 2 runs.
    4.3 Camps to Patel, 1 run, A better ball by Camps and defended to the covers, but the batsmen scrambled through for a run.
    Camps moves around the wicket now, changing up the angle to Lara...
    4.4 Camps to Lara, 0 runs, Camps found a good length and Lara defended it off the back foot. Good ball.
    4.5 Camps to Lara, SIX, It doesn't work this time. Camps dropped short and wide and Lara flashed hard at it and it sailed over third man for six runs!
    4.6 Camps to Lara, SIX, Lara on fire! He's not letting Camps settle at all. He dropped short again and Lara pulled the ball with authority over midwicket.

    End of over 5 (20 runs) - Masters XI 58/1 [114 needed from 90 balls]
    BC Lara 28* (14b) LA Camps 2-0-29-0
    SR Patel 17* (6b)

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    Go Lara! Masters to cruise it

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    Don't worry, we'll get the eRUB of the green from the umpires. Can see Lara getting a shocker.

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    Jeez. Masters looking dangerous here. Disappointing finale from Smitteh after a brilliant start.

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    Shockin' form continues.

    Drop Camps.
    I am a brave man, I am a coward. I am the tiger, I am the flower.
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    I am a free man, I am caught. From where I am, I see the top.
    I am most importantly never concerned with what I am not.
    Forever, more than just surviving.

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    Pulling for ERUB all the way.

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    5.1 Patrick to Patel, SIX, The runs continue to flow and Patel is racing along! He just lifted that effortlessly over long-off for his second six!
    5.2 Patrick to Patel, 0 runs, Much better bowling there. Better length on offstump and Patel blocked it back to Patrick.
    5.3 Patrick to Patel, 1 run, Turned off the hip for a single.
    5.4 Patrick to Lara, 0 runs, Wide of offstump and Lara let it go, but it's not called wide by the umpire. Lara not pleased at that call.
    5.5 Patrick to Lara, 0 runs, Another length ball and Lara defended solidly.
    5.6 Patrick to Lara, 1 run, Patrick shifted a bit onto the pads and Lara clipped it away for 1.

    End of over 6 (8 runs) - Masters XI 66/1 [106 needed from 84 balls]
    BC Lara 29* (17b) NL Patrick 3-0-25-0
    SR Patel 24* (9b)

    The Masters have made a great start to their innings. The required rate is now just over 7.50.
    Patrick turns to Andy Maina, who has been his most potent bowler in this tournament. Maina will bowl with a slip and a short extra cover in place.
    6.1 Maina to Lara, 1 legbye, On his hips and tucked away for 1. It's actually just hit the pad, because the umpire signals a leg bye.
    6.2 Maina to Patel, BEATEN!, Good bowling by Maina as that one seamed past the outside edge.
    6.3 Maina to Patel, SIX, There he goes! Patel stepped back deep in his creased and swung the ball flat over long-on - SIX runs! Patel trying to throw Maina off his length here.
    6.4 Maina to Patel, 1 run, Pitched up and driven to mid-off, but a misfield allows a single.
    6.5 Maina to Lara, BEATEN!, Lara looked to run that ball fine, but it just nipped past his edge.
    6.6 Maina to Lara, 1 run, A good finish by Maina. He bowled a good slower ball, but Lara was up to it and pushed it into a gap in the covers for a single to keep the strike.

    End of over 7 (8 runs) - Masters XI 74/1 [98 needed from 78 balls]
    BC Lara 30* (20b) AEK Maina 1-0-8-0
    SR Patel 31* (12b)

    Another bowling change by the skipper. He calls a fifth bowler into the attack. Jack McNamara will try his fingerspin.
    7.1 McNamara to Lara, SIX, What a greeting! Lara hit a six with a lofted drive over long-off.
    7.2 McNamara to Lara, 0 runs, Much flatter from McNamara and greeted with a straight bat.
    7.3 McNamara to Lara, 2 runs, Another flat and accurate ball but Lara ran it past short third man and away for 2 runs.
    7.4 McNamara to Lara, 2 runs, McNamara dropped short and Lara cut the ball hard past Smith. Murphy runs around from deep cover to cut it off and save 2.
    7.5 McNamara to Lara, 0 runs, Back on track for McNamara. Flat and fired into offstump. Blocked by Lara.
    7.6 McNamara to Lara, BEATEN!, Ooo, some flight! Lara's eyes lit up, but he swung over the top of the ball and Fitzsimmons considered appealing after a good take.

    End of over 8 (10 runs) - Masters XI 84/1 [88 needed from 72 balls]
    BC Lara 40* (26b) JP McNamara 1-0-10-0
    SR Patel 31* (12b)

    8.1 Maina to Patel, SIX, That's gone! A slower ball and a big swing and it sailed into the stands for Patel's third six. Wonderful shot!
    8.2 Maina to Patel, OUT, Oh dear! Patel flicked that ball through midwicket and ran hard for two. The return was very wayward from the deep and the batsmen looked for an overthrow. Dwyer then sprung into action, chased the ball well, picked up, spun and threw the stumps down at the non-striker's end. After close review by the third umpire it's given out. Big wicket for Upper Body.

    SR Patel run out (Dwyer) 39 (14)
    Partnership 80 (BC Lara 40, SR Patel 39)
    Upper Body 92/2 (8.2 overs)

    8.3 Maina to Benkenstein, 0 runs, Good correct back foot defensive shot by Benkenstein.
    8.4 Maina to Benkenstein, 1 run, A bit shorter this time and the batsman guided it to the right of short third man for a single.
    8.5 Maina to Lara, SIX, What a stunning shot! Pitched on legstump and Lara just flicked the wrist and the ball flew over midwicket.
    8.6 Maina to Lara, 1 run, A paddle sweep this time. Maina is not amused, but he's not bowling quickly enough to prevent that shot.

    End of over 9 (16 runs) - Masters XI 100/2 [72 needed from 66 balls]
    BC Lara 47* (28b) AEK Maina 2-0-24-0
    DM Benkenstein 1* (2b)

    Camps is back to try to force home this opportunity...
    9.1 Camps to Lara, 2 runs, A low full toss and driven straight back past the bowler. The long-off fielder runs around and keeps it to 2 runs.
    9.2 Camps to Lara, OUT, A big one! Lara tried to check his drive but Dwyer took a super catch, one-handed, at short extra cover. Lara thought he had his 50, but he has to go. Upper Body are right back in this game!

    BC Lara c Dwyer b Camps 49 (30)
    Partnership 10 (BC Lara 9, DM Benkenstein 1)
    Upper Body 102/3 (9.2 overs)

    9.3 Camps to Kemp, 2 runs, The first ball strayed down the legside and Kemp tucked it behind square for 2 runs.
    9.4 Camps to Kemp, 0 runs, Outside offstump and blocked to cover.
    9.5 Camps to Kemp, 1 run, Driven hard down to long-off for a run.
    9.6 Camps to Benkenstein, 1 run, Benkenstein broke out the on-drive for an easy single.

    End of over 10 (6 runs) - Masters XI 106/3 [66 needed from 60 balls]
    DM Benkenstein 2* (3b) LA Camps 3-0-35-1
    JM Kemp 3* (3b)

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