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Thread: Clean-up of forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I'm okay with splitting OT into OT and Entertainment (TV/Movies/Music). But splitting away Politics and News is sort of like creating a quarantined zone, and I don't know if that is healthy.

    Howe makes a good point wrt newbies and the coaching&equipment subbie. But I am wondering why that can't be replaced with a thread stickied in CC.

    Moving Cricket Web Downtime threads into Site Discussion - Sure.

    Also agreed with Football being given more of a space with its own subbie.

    So, something like:

    Cricket Discussion
    - Cricket Chat
    - Cricket Games & Simulations

    CW Fantasy Cricket 2017

    - Off Topic
    - Entertainment (Movies/TV Shows/Music)
    - Football
    - Other Sports

    Ask Cricket Web
    - Site Discussion
    - Testing Forum
    More great points, thanks Harsh.

    I'm happy to go with whatever the community would like to have happen really.

    Another topic is the Testing Forum. Should that come out into its own forum and be called something else?

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    'Testing Forum' is a terrible name for what it actually ends up being used for, but I don't think it would feel right if it had any other name tbh
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    If only Kane Richardson had played some HK domestic cricket before his ODI debut.
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    Testing forum is an institution. It goes, I go
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    What if all the switches get stuck on 'destroy'?

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    Haha Will stay then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverratedSanity View Post
    "Still waiting for bole trekking Marayyye". Keep Kumar up in the third umpires box please,its hilarious. Him almost screwing up a DRS referral a definite highlight.
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    Ashwin is like one of those paintings whose eye always follows you around the room. He'd be hell in a court room. The judge and the witness would always think he's lookong at both of them at the same time.
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    You are basically saying he would have made an amazing lawyer. :)
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    No im saying he's partly cross-eyed.

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    For me, if we fragment OT further then news/politics should get its own place. Take out the entertainment stuff and you have this strange hybrid of light-hearted threads and deadly serious ones.

    Also in the two hours since I objected to further splitting out OT I've come round, and I feel like given the direction the British and American politics threads often go in, separate ideological discussion threads would be a good thing. But it'd be too much in the current structure.
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    Whatever you do, make sure Harsh is properly briefed beforehand so he doesn't go breaking things...
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    Do away with CC entirely.

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    None of your bloody business
    Leave it as it is.

    Change is never good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    But splitting away Politics and News is sort of like creating a quarantined zone, and I don't know if that is healthy.
    It is, if we are then spared watson.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    Also if we have the cricket games forum as one forum (probably should) we can make that a part of cricket discussion

    Cricket discussion
    -Cricket chat
    -Coaching & equipment
    -Cricket games & simulations

    It's a bit weird for example that the ICC sim that's going on is in a different forum from Gazza's DBC let's play
    Would you put drafts in the games/sims sub?
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    Freddie is the greatest cricketer ever so the fact these comparisons are being made means three things:

    1. Stokes is pretty good
    2. Jono is a ****
    3. Taxation is theft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    Draft threads subbie is not needed, they're not all the same but making them be in the same forum with the same people checking it will ensure they will be.

    'ATG' subforum not needed, it is pretty much contained to one thread now anyway. Also please don't legitimise the use of 'ATG'

    Seperating these out would result in CC being very dry in the offseason

    Also, draft and ATG threads are sort of a way of appreciating the rich history of cricket. I enjoy them and think they belong in CC, but if others don't then that's fine.

    I think CC is good the way it is now. The only places I really visit are CC, Off-Topic, Site Discussion and Ban Announcements (sometimes).
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    Don't mind a news and politics split but leave music, movies etc in OT.
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    I don't really know if the forum is big enough to split OT up into sub categories. Seems it will just be more cluttered. As it is most things stay on the first page for at least a couple of days.

    I'd sort of go for:

    Admin stuff: sub forums - Welcome to the Forum, Testing Forum, Announcements

    Cricket Chat: as it is now, perhaps with one sub forum for coaching/equipment

    Off Topic: new, politics, music, movies, general discussion, all in the one forum

    Other Sports: soccer, rugby, AFL etc sub forums or threads, either way

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    Thanks for your thoughts so far guys.

    I've cleaned up the Gaming related forums.

    I've left Off Topic the way it is for the moment until we get more agreement on the best approach we should take.
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