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Thread: Why Isn't Cricketweb on Tapatalk?

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    Why Isn't Cricketweb on Tapatalk?

    I downloaded Tapatalk on my iphone yesterday,and it's a brilliant app.

    PreviouslyI had to use my laptop to post on forums.Not because i coudn't use the forums from the phone, but it just wasn't the same thing.Small text, having to swipe here and there to read a single post..very time consuming and very inconvenient.But with tapatalk it's much more cool.

    I'm on a few other online forums, and i was able to search for them on tapatalk,login and start posting without any hassle.

    However, i couldn't find cricketweb on tapatalk. Why is that so?

    Here's the link to the FAQ section.


    "There is no cost for forum owner to activate Tapatalk in your forum, and you are free to remove/deactivate it anytime you want to"


    "phpBB3, vBulletin, xenForo, IPBoard, Simple Machine, MyBB, bbPress, Kunena and Vanilla are supported. Other forum system might also support Tapatalk with plugins developed by third party developers using Tapatalk API"

    Now i'm pretty poor with technology lingo..but this all sounds pretty neat.So can Tapatalk be activated on cricketweb? It would make using the forums so much easier on the phones.

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    We have the mobile style which is mobile friendly. You should be able to use that on your phone

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