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Thread: Feedback on all reported posts

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    And in regards to this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
    I think if people know that their complaint has at least gone on file against the perpetrator they won't bitch and complain that no action was taken.
    Every report goes on file "against the perpetrator", even if we as moderators don't feel there was any malice in the slightest. Without getting too technical.. when you report a post, it creates a thread in the moderators forum. We merge that thread with any reported posts against the member in question, and discuss possible action in that thread. We feel that system gives us context when dealing with each report.
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    And at the end of each quarter the member with the longest thread gets 40 infraction points

    Quote Originally Posted by Axl Rose
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    Quote Originally Posted by GIMH View Post
    And at the end of each quarter the member with the longest thread gets 40 infraction points
    Be careful what you wish for mate!

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    my thread is entitled uvelocity WAC in case you were wondering
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    Just picking up on what Cribb said, another factor is timeliness. If a moderator is online while an argument/ordinary post is made, its more likely to get a public rebuke to stop any reactions / retaliations.

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